‘You’re better than Ranveer’ – Shahid retweets fan reaction!


We can’t help but smile at the group of cheerleaders Shahid Kapoor is drumming up for himself. Yesterday there was wife Mira Rajput gushing over his performance in Padmaavat. “I think the film is a homage to the Rajput culture and tradition,” she stated. “I am extremely proud to see Shahid essay that role and do so much justice and more to it. Watching Shahid onscreen has been a visual treat. I really feel, without any biases, that he is the best thing in the film!”

Shahid is immaculate in his portrayal of Maharawal Ratan Singh in the film, and the praise has been pouring in, in the virtual world as well. The actor, however, seems to want to drive home the point further… Now he has retweeted a reaction from a fan who maintains that his (Shahid’s) performance in the film is far better than Ranveer Singh’s! According to the fan, even though Shahid had fewer scenes as compared to Ranveer, he was far more effective. The fan’s verdict: Ranveer was outshone by Shahid’s acting.


Shahid has been allowing himself a pat on the back – and well-deserved it is, too. “It was tough to portray this kind of a character,” he has admitted, adding, “Everybody was very happy after the film. We are super-excited. I was very nervous; I felt like an underdog, but today I am very happy.”

“I don’t want to get into the details of it,” he said, “But yes, it was the least known of the three characters (played by Deepika, Ranveer, and Shahid). On the basis of my understanding, it was tough to portray this kind of character.”

Shahid has also spoken about his initial reservations about the role. “I was very nervous because I was the new addition to the team. People used to ask me about the role in the film, but my wife was a huge support for me. She just told me to go out there and express yourself and to believe in yourself. It is an important film. Honestly, it is not the most author-backed role in the film. But, I feel amazing seeing the love of the film.”

…And the love for his performance, needless to add!