Sussanne and Shweta didn’t let their ‘past’ get between them…


We are putting it down to all that benign birthday joy happening at Shah Rukh’s birthday splash last night! Else, the thought of Sussanne Khan all cosy on a couch alongside Shweta Bachchan, would have seemed like a distinct improbability! We are guessing the ladies themselves knew they would be the cynosure of curious eyes just waiting and watching to see how they would handle this enforced togetherness at the Khans’ Alibaug villa. And kudos to both for handling it with such classy style!


Credit is due to the angelic Sussanne. Not only has she moved on to being a great friend of her ex-husband, Hrithik, she clearly holds no rancour at all towards his rumoured love interests either. There had been a strong buzz of Hrithik allegedly getting close to Shweta post his divorce from Sussanne. They would also party regularly in a group, and Abhishek and Shweta would supposedly also spend time with the actor when he was housebound due to a foot injury. However, these whispers died a swift death as soon as the entire fracas with Kangana Ranaut hit the ceiling. Amidst the ugly allegations and name-calling, the budding friendship fell by the wayside, as Hrithik apparently worked on his relationship with his kids and his ex-wife who supported him through it all.

Equal credit is due to the statuesque Shweta Bachchan, who has conducted her life with quiet dignity. Since years now, niggling rumours suggest that her marriage with the Delhi-based Nikhil Nanda is far from a happy one. However, Shweta, who spends a good deal of time at her parents’ home in Mumbai, leads her life under the radar, drawing no unnecessary attention to herself, and definitely staying very far away from unsightly rumours.

…And that night, as they partied with all the rest of SRK’s family and friends, there was not a word or a look they could be faulted on, in their interaction with each other. Full marks for giving the gristmills absolutely no cause to grind away!

For what it’s worth, Hrithik Roshan had chosen well…