Who are you calling ‘Bulging’? Hina Khan’s comment angers Hansika Motwani


Bigg Boss 11 contestant Hina Khan recently confided that she had rejected two big projects in the South Indian film industry as they asked her to gain weight. She added that the South industry likes ‘bulging’ women, and this has been enough for the South girls to take bristling offense to her statement.

Hansika Motwani, who started off in Mumbai as a child artiste before heading South, has lashed out at the ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ actress on Twitter. She started off sharing a post by Sreedhar Pillai’s wife Sridevi Sreedhar‏, which shows a clip of Hina Khan talking about her South film offer which she declined.


Sridevi Sreedhar had commented alongside, “Look at the way this girl #Hinakhan @eyehinakhan, a TV star degrading South Indian cinema and its #Bulging heroines. #Disgusting #BB11,” she wrote. Quick to share the post, Hansika added her own observation, “What is this supposed to even mean? How can she even degrade south industry like this? #shamehinakhan”

Hansika didn’t end there. She demanded, “Doesn’t she know a lot of Bollywood actors have worked and are working in our south industry! Shame on you #hinakhan for trying to demean us.”

Phew! And the Villan actress who stars opposite Mohanlal was still not finished… “As an actress from the south industry, I would like to say I’m very proud to be from our south industry and whatever #hinakhan is saying is saying… is pure bullshit.”

Others from the South industry have hit out at Hina as well, such as Khushbu Sundar who tweeted, “They need lessons from south on how to be dignified...That's why they remain where they are and our girls zoom past them.”

Ouch! Bet Hina Khan didn’t expect things to escalate so quickly.