Sushant hitting on Sara and interfering with director Abhishek Kapoor


Sushant Singh Rajput, who most people in Bollywood love to hate, is a glutton for punishment. Indefatigable in his mission to get on the wrong side of people, the actor is generating the wrong sort of vibe on the sets of his next film Kedarnath now. Industry and media focus on the film is huge, not because of Sushant, but because Kedarnath marks the debut of star kid Sara Ali Khan.

Peeping sources say that Sushant has just had a fallout with the film’s director Abhishek Kapoor. He had been reportedly poking his nose in Abhishek’s work and suggesting technical nuances that didn’t go down well with the director. People say Sushant is trying to be Aamir Khan. Which is high ambition, indeed. But they also add that Sushant has forgotten it was Abhishek who launched him in Bollywood with Kai Che Po in 2013. And if he can’t respect the director, then the least he can do is not upset him.

But there’s more. Sushant has been taking a rather too keen interest in his sexy debutante co-star Sara, and is making unrequited attempts to take her under his wing. This has not gone unnoticed on the sets. The film is being shot on real locations in Kedarnath. So Mama Amrita Singh is not around to protect her daughter from Bollywood’s wolves. Not is Papa Ali Khan involved in his daughter’s debut 100%. But news of Sushant’s advances have reached Mumbai and Amrita is reportedly mad as a hornet.

And, there’s still more! The grapevine has it that another Sushant project, Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan’s sci-fi thriller Chanda Mama Door Ke, is unlikely to see the light of day. The reason being Sushant’s last film Raabta bombing at the box office. The CMDK filmmakers are reportedly finding it hard to raise finances because Sushant is not only just Bollywood’s Mr. Unpopular, but he’s also not a bankable hero anymore. Undaunted by his producer Viki Rajani’s struggle to get the money to take the film off the floor, Sushant has reportedly been expressing his displeasure at the length of co-star R. Madhavan’s role in CMDK.

Interestingly, SSR-Madhvan's Twitter exchange this morning says otherwise, where the two actors were busy praising each other.

But strengthening the reports was the tweet by Girishh Johar, a renowned film distributor, who tweeted an intriguing post:

And this for Chauhan and Rajani has been the last straw.

A Bollywood gossip queen said somebody needs to tell Sushant to back off or he will suddenly find himself with no work on hand. An earlier film, Bobbie Grewal’s espionage thriller RAW (Romeo Akbar Walter), in which Sushant was to play a spy, has also been shelved for the time being. While his PR sources claim that Sushant had no dates for Bobbie, the goss is that he was dropped from RAW because of his unprofessional behaviour. Now with CMDK also hanging uncertainly and trouble brewing on the sets of Kedarnath, Sushant had better watch out before he finds his kitty of projects empty.