Kaskar family files FIR against Bigg Boss contestant Zubair Khan


Poor Haseena Parkar. In life, she was harassed for being fugitive underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s sister and persecuted by the Mumbai Police. In death too, the woman who allegedly ran the don’s criminal empire is not being allowed to rest in peace. Her name was dragged through controversy ever since Apoorva Lakhia announced his biopic Haseena Parkar with Shraddha Kapoor playing the title role. The film released on September 22 and was quickly forgotten. Now comes fresh controversy involving the infamous name.

This time it is to do with filmmaker Zubair Khan joining Salman Khan’s reality TV show Bigg Boss. No harm in that. Only Zubair allegedly got on board claiming to be the legendary woman’s son-in-law. The news spread like wildfire, naturally. But it didn’t go down well with Dawood Ibrahim’s nephew Sameer Antulay, the co-producer of Haseena Parkar and therefore Haseena’s nephew too.

Sameer has filed a complaint in the Amboli Police Station against Zubair in which he has alleged that the TV channel of the reality show reportedly presented an inaccurate picture of Zubair’s relations with the family and this popularized the show. Sameer has taken strong exception to Zubair’s claim.

“Usually a background check is done on all contestants taking part in the show. Why didn't they research Zubair's background then?” Sameer asks furiously. “If his claim is true, then the channel should declare which daughter of Haseena Parkar’s Zubair is married to.”

Sameer wants Zubair to be evicted from the show. His lawyer Kishore Gaikwad, talking to Peeping Moon.com, said, “The contestant keeps hinting he is married into the family. However, he is not. The family has filed a police complaint in this regard and accused Zubair of impersonation. We have asked the police to investigate his claim and come to their own conclusion.”

Meanwhile, the Bigg Boss 11 contestant has been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons. He has managed to pick up with fights with quite a few of his housemates. Zubair, incidentally, has made a film on the underworld himself. It was called Lakeer Ka Fakeer and starred the controversial actor Ajaz Khan who himself was in Bigg Boss season 8. In an interview to the media, Zubair had said, “The theme of Lakeer Ka Fakeer is the underworld-politician-police nexus. My film will be the most authentic on the underworld. I grew up in this area and have seen everything from close quarters.” The film got a very limited release in 2013 and sank without a trace at the box office.