"Modiji, it's me Bobby Darling!"


One day after going to town with her police complaint and divorce petition against last year’s husband Ramnik Sharma, Bollywood’s famous sex-change artiste Bobby Darling revealed to Peeping Moon.com that she also wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Chauhan about the horror she suffered in her marital home at Bhopal.

The reality TV star and actress filed for divorce on grounds of domestic violence and unnatural sex. She alleged she was kept under house arrest by Ramnik and his family but managed to escape and flee to her parents’ house in Delhi from where she lodged the police complaint. Sharing the FIR with Peeping Moon.com, Bobby said, “I also pressed charges of dowry harassment against Ramnik, his mother, and brother. He used to beat me up after getting drunk and accused me of infidelity with every man around. Ramnik also seized my property and money. I would weep and pee in my clothes while begging him to stop hitting me.”

After the much-publicized sex change in 2015, Bobby became Pakhi Sharma and married her Bhopal friend Ramnik in 2016. The marriage went on the rocks soon after. Her FIR with the Delhi Police accuses Ramnik of cheating (Section 420), breach of trust (Section 406), matrimonial cruelty (Section 498A), unnatural sex (Section 377) and sections under the Dowry Prohibition Act. Her lawyer, Meera Kaura Patel, added, “This case is unique and challenging. For the first time, a celebrity from the LGBT community is knocking on the doors of the legal system as a woman after a gender change. The LGBT community is very vulnerable in India. We need to see how the legal system will help and protect Bobby.”

Bobby also wrote to Bhopal Inspector General of Police Yogesh Chaudhary informing him about the FIR with the Delhi Police against Ramnik, his mother Raj Kumar Sharma and brother Lalit Sharma. She alleged that Ramnik has a criminal past about which she was unaware at the time of their marriage. He reportedly threatened her of dire consequences if she approached the police. Fearing he had contacts in the Bhopal Police, Bobby seized an opportunity and escaped to Delhi from where she is taking up the fight against Ramnik.
“He would keep taunting me about not being able to give him a child," Bobby told Peeping Moon.com tearfully.

“I urge all LGBT communities to support and help me in getting justice.” And she’s appealed to Modiji as well. Will the Prime Minister of India respond to Bobby Darling? She’s got her fingers crossed.