Amrita Dhanoa Sex Racket: Actress caught taking money in a live video, blames ex-BF ‘Bigg Boss 13’ contestant Arhaan Khan for framing her post arrest


Mumbai Police busted a sex racket in Mumbai on Friday and arrested Bigg Boss 13 contestant Arhaan Khan’s girlfriend Amrita Dhanoa for allegedly running it. They have also arrested a struggling actress named Richa Singh along with Amrita. Amrita and Richa were arrested from a 5-star hotel in Goregaon (East) during a police raid.

After her arrest, Amrita made a series of allegations against Arhaan. She said that her ex-boyfriend has framed her in the sex racket case. She said that he took the help of some of his friends to trap her in the case. Reportedly, a video has surfaces wherein she can be seen taking money from a few men, talking about the same, she said that it was a signing amount for a music album but it was framed to look like the money was given for the sex racket.


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On the other hand, police have said that Amrita is not a novice in this business. She used to promise girls a break in Bollywood and then would force them in the sex racket business. A video of taking money from men has surfaced before her arrest during the raid. Samta Nagar Police’s senior PI Raju Kasbe spearheaded the entire operation and raided Goregaon’s West Inn hotel at around 12:15 pm. The sex racket was busted after a team of police personnel led by Deputy Commissioner of Police D.S. Swami conducted a raid on the hotel on Thursday night after receiving a tip-off. An official said, “We raided the West Inn hotel from where we arrested two models and rescued two models as well.” The police posed as customers and contacted Amrita, who in turn came with Richa.

Reportedly, a police’s informant contacted Amrita and told her a high-profile actress is needed. To this, Amrita agreed and demanded Rs 1 lakh, she also said that more high-profile actress will come if they shell out more money. The informant asked Amrita to come to West Inn hotel along with the actress and promised to pay her at the venue. When Amrita came to know that it’s a police raid, she tried to give false stories. She told the police that she is a well-known actress and has come to meet with a producer. She said, “Police misunderstood the situation. It was a normal party we were having. I clarified to them." She also alleged that her ex-boyfriend Arhaan has framed her since she has filed a case against him previously. However, her appeals and clarifications fell on deaf ears and the Police arrested her on the spot.

In an official quote given by Senior PI, Dindoshi police, Dharnendra Kamble, it has been said that "Amrita Dhanoa, 32, and Richa Singh, 26, have been arrested and booked under sections 370 (3), 34 of the Indian Penal Code and sections 4,5 of Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act." The police are investigating the case further.

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