India Couture Week 2022: Theatrical time with Pedesis by Amit Aggarwal


Light, camera, action! Yes, the stage was set for the show but, in a so very innovative manner, it was not the stage but the seating area of the cinema theatre that was the focus of attention. It was Amit Aggarwal’s super show at India Couture Week 2022, presented by FDCI (Fashion Design Council of India) in association with Lotus Make-up.

The audience sat all around the stage and watched as the many models traipsed so very gently down the aisles and into their life. Haunting music wafted in the air with a female DJ high up on a console, spinning her magic, while magically the models zoomed into your vision like a space-age image coming down to earth.

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The collection titled Pedesis (meaning random motion of particles in a liquid or gas) was a refreshing bookend to the designer’s part-miraculous, part-fantastical journey of a decade. But a constant thread of morphing forms and blurring the inescapable folds of time ran through it all. It was also a kaleidoscope ode to the fact that we are at an interesting bend in time where the digital space accommodates those whimsical aspects to ourselves not accessible in the physical world.

They say that every silhouette shows that we carry the echo of the first human and hold the inception of the future – overlaid on the fine-grained realities of the present. This collection, amid a theatrical spectacle, was a celebration of the fact that we are the glitch in time: warping forms, straddling realms, embracing eternity.

And with such a lot of legwork for the models they must have surely skipped their workout walk the morning after!