Gurmeet Choudhary procures oxygen concentrators from Indonesia amid pandemic, launches his foundation

Gurmeet Choudhary has had sleepless nights, travelled to places far and wide to help activate the COVID-19 relief efforts and ensure that hospitals are opened and running in remote parts of the nation, he has worked relentlessly and effortlessly against a virus that has taken over the world and most recently, our country in since 2020. The actor not only has been helping in fighting against this deadly virus but also has been preparing to strengthen the future of the health care system of the nation.

Gurmeet has successfully now arranged for oxygen concentrators donated by India Club Jakarta (Indonesia) and in association with Medscape India , a fellow organisation working for providing relief for COVID-19 (Radiologist, Founder Chairperson Dr Sunita Dube) and Gurmeet Choudhary Foundation. The oxygen concentrators have now reached India and will surely go a long way in the COVID-19 campaign. It will be provided to rural areas which are currently facing a difficult time.

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With the help of India Club Jakarta, a nonprofit organization, functioning as Perkumpulan (Association) in Jakarta-Indonesia, Gurmeet and his team has managed to get the oxygen concentrators for the nation. The India Club Jakarta works in close Cooperation with Indian Embassy in Jakarta and also acts as a bridge for India-Indonesia people and has been working relentlessly towards community welfare. The India Club along with Medscape India has played an important role in getting the oxygen concentrators in India from Indonesia.

Pushing his already full envelope further, the Bollywood actor has also launched the Gurmeet Choudhary Foundation, an association that aims to help people. Right from stabilising the health care system and working towards its future, launching hospitals in tier 2 cities and beyond, to reaching out to all the possible nations for help, Gurmeet has been going an extra mile in helping his nation in this fight against virus.

(Source: Agencies)