Happy Father’s Day: From Debina Bonnerjee to Pearl V Puri, television actors wish their dads with adorable social media posts


As the world celebrates International Father's Day today, our beloved telly celebrities shared their gratitude for their fathers and spoke about them at length.Let's take a look at what they have to say to their superhero dads.

Pearl V Puri a.k.a Raghbir Malhotra in Bepanah Pyaarr said, “A guide, a protector, an advisor, my biggest critic, my father has played diverse roles in my life and I’m never going to be able to thank him enough for it. Many people commend me for my go-getter attitude but not everyone knows that my father has built me that way. His teachings have helped me survive through my lows and his love has kept me afloat. This Father’s Day, I urge everyone out there to tell their dad’s how thankful they are for their support and unconditional love.”

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Anushka Sen aka Manikarnika in Khoob Ladi Mardaani Jhansi Ki Rani spoke about her father and said he is her strength and she believes that her parents are God gift. “My father is my strength and I truly believe that parents are God’s gift to us. To make the day special, I’ve decided to make a very simple personalized card that he will be happy to read. We often forget to express our love and my letter hopefully will be a good surprise for him. Father’s Day needs to be made special as we tend to forget the kind of struggles, they’ve gone through, so we could smile. My dad is my hero, he’s always been a protector. He told me to never give up and face my fears, that’s exactly what I’ve done.”

Avinesh Rekhi aka Sarabjit from Choti Saardarrni shared, “Like every father, mine too had his ways of teaching me to be the best version of myself. As children, we never understood why the scoldings etc. Today as a parent myself, I know how life has come a full circle. My father always told me to believe in myself even when others don't. He told me to stand my ground and fight for what is right, which I hope to continue doing. As a father, I try to instill the same values in my son. Happy Father’s Day to all the men who work so hard to give their families a fulfilled life.”

Anuja Sathe aka Janki in Khoob Ladi Mardaani Jhansi Ki Rani said, “My father has been the best teacher to me. Since I’m shooting this year, we will celebrate this special day and celebrate him when I have a holiday. He knows me better than I know myself yet. Every time I’m low he knows how to put a smile back on my face. He loves spending time with me and that’s what I hope to do this father’s day.”

Shruti Sharma aka Dhanak from Gathbandhan told, “I can't express my gratitude enough for the things he has done for me throughout his life, his encouragement, the values he has taught me, and his unconditional love is something I will cherish forever. I have grown up watching his acting skills and he has been my biggest inspiration to pursue my career in acting. It is every child’s wish to fulfill their parent's dream and I think I am really very fortunate to get this opportunity as it was my father’s dream for me to become an actor. Thank you so much Pappa for being there for me always and wish you a very Happy Father’s Day.”

Rajniesh Duggall aka Lord Krishna in Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran exclaimed, I still miss my father a lot.  My favourite memory with my dad was the great times we had when we went on our road trips. We were each other’s best friends. He always had faith in me and was my spiritual guide. He taught me to be good to everyone and spread happiness. Though I will miss him on this special day but now that I am a father to a beautiful daughter. I am going to spend this day with her and will go to Delhi and surprise her.”


Sana Makbul Khan a.k.a. Dr. Aliya from Vish said, “My dad is my superhero and it is only because of him I am living a life I want to. Like a friend, he has always supported and encouraged me to explore new things. Since childhood, he trained me to be ambitious and whatever I am now it's because of my father. This Father's Day I am planning to take him out shopping and spend the day with him.”


Chahat Tewani aka Kesari from Kesari Nandan told, “I can’t imagine my life without my dad, he is my pillar of strength and foundation of my wisdom. He is my hero, there is nothing that I have asked for and he has not given me. He has always supported me in all that I have wished for and even my acting career. My life is beautiful when he is around. I love you, Daddy, wish you a Happy Father’s Day.”


Namik Paul aka Angad from Kawach Mahashivratri quoted, I will not be able to celebrate Father’s Day with my dad, as he will be in Dehradun and I will be shooting in Mumbai. It’s overwhelming for me that after seeing every episode of my shows, he will call and give a little review which is really encouraging. My dad has always said that if I enjoyed doing something either acting or sports, I should always gravitate towards that either as a hobby or career.  He has always been very supportive and my hero.  I was always looked up to him and as I grew up he had changed from an authoritative figure to someone I would go for guidance or advice. Seeing whatever he has done for all of us in the family, I feel that my dad is a real superhero and I will always be thankful to him.”


Vin Rana aka Kapil from Kawach Mahashivratri said, “Fathers unlike mothers, do not tell us how much they love us but deep down there lies a father’s heart which is compassionate and full of love. My father has always been my support system. This year am planning to visit Dad and spend the day with him. Like he used to surprise me on my birthday every year by gifting me whatever I wanted, this year I will surprise him by spending the whole day with him”.


Debina Bonnerjee aka Sabrina from VISH told, “I don't have plans for Father’s Day as every day for me is Father’s Day because I love and care for him each and every day of my life. When I wanted to become a model, I was very afraid to even share this idea with my parents.  But the moment my dad heard about it, he got excited and arranged for a photo shoot for me so that I could send them for the entry of a beauty pageant. We were from a middle-class family but my dad always went out of his way and did whatever was best for us.”


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