When Kapil Sharma’s "Dadi" was molested in Delhi!


We have heard of Bollywood actresses facing near molestation by over zealous fans and unruly mobs when they make public appearances, but TV comedian Ali Asgar has set the bar high for male actors going through such harrowing situations. Yet, the hugely popular  “Dadi” of The Kapil Sharma Show has been down that hellish road of sexual assault too.

The actor, who is once again playing a female character named Chauthi in Sunil Grover’s upcoming show Kanpur Wale Khuranas, tells the hilarious story of how he went to perform at a Delhi wedding and all but escaped with his life and, well, his dignity intact. And what was strange, Asgar says, is that the molesters were all attacking his character Dadi!

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At the event, by the time Asgar entered in his Dadi avatar, most guests were drunk. And they attacked him at once! “They were putting their hands on my chest, they were pinching my butt, I was molested,” Asgar says. Fortunately, a girl from his team managed to rescue him from the clutches of the mob. We wonder how the girl managed that trick. And what sense kicked in to stop the Delhiites from turning on her as well!

[caption id="attachment_181276" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Ali Asgar and Kapil Sharma[/caption]

Asgar has not got over the incident. Questions keep haunting him. “Like, they knew I was a man playing a woman’s role – yet they molested me!” And, “Even if they didn’t know, I was supposed to be an old woman, a Dadi, they ought to have at least spared somebody that old!” Our take on this funny incident is that the Delhi wallahs knew about Dadi. And if Dadi, aka Asgar, could get lecherous with all the male guests on The Kapil Sharma Show, surely Dadi would not object to a bit of real action on the side as well!