KJo should direct a film with Akshay and Ranveer and act in it himself!


The Koffee is over. Next, Karan Johar should cast Akshay Kumar and Ranveer Singh in a film together and direct and act in it himself. It would be one rollicking comedy. A laugh riot till the end. Like KJo’s chat show was on Star World tonight. Right from the start, when he gave both macho superstars a tongue-in-cheek "Mama’s Boy" intro, and then had them tumbling down the stairs, falling into his arms, and finally dipping him to the floor like in some complicated ballroom dance, you knew this episode of Koffee with Karan was going to be rare, bubbly and exciting – like uncorked champagne!

They didn’t take the couch, but sat on the backrest instead, because what are Akshay and Ranveer if not unbottled and fizzy swag? "You said come and have a great time," they reminded the suave chat show host who pretended to be mad and embarrassed and got them to order with a "Don’t mother-sister whatever..." remark to the outbreak of much laughter. Karan reminded them, that last time Akshay was on his show, it was a sedate version of the Khiladi that viewers saw "because he was with his wife"! Whereas Ranveer was even more outrageous than before – in behaviour and fashion sense.

They raced through the prime time hour, tumbling secrets out of each others’ closets, Ranveer never letting go any opportunity to remind Karan that he was an uninhibited fan of Akshay’s. "He should run for Prime Minister, President, he’s got machismo in his voice," Ranveer said of the senior actor. While Akshay, gracefully accepting the compliment, tossed it back by saying, "When I look at him, I feel he is like me!"

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The two actors even admitted having done an "Undie Dance" in their ninth respective films – for Akshay it was Suhaag and Ranveer, Befikre. Then, to Karan’s direction, they channelised their wild spark and crazy energy and did an impromptu comedy version of the tragic dying scene from the film Ram Lakhan with Ranveer passing away in Akshay’s arms.

The Rapid Fire round threw up amazing possibilities. Ranveer saying he did not want to work with one of the three Bollywood Khans – Salman, Shah Rukh or Aamir – because he had a fourth Khan in mind: Taimur Khan! "When he grows up we  can play father-son roles, he will be my budhape ka sahara," Ranveer said while KJo hooted with laughter. He also admitted that he had cheated in his relationships – but with his “Half-Girlfriend” and not the “Full Girlfriend”. Whereas Akshay diplomatically dodged the "Which yesteryear actress would you want to do a film with?" by manfully choosing Nirupa Roy.

The quote of the evening, however, came from Akshay Kumar’s physical trainer Jennifer who gave a video byte about her boss. "He’s a 51-year-old child with the energy of a 12-year-old in a candy store." Take out the 51-year-old and the quote could have applied to Ranveer Singh as well!