Children's Day Special: TV Stars go down the memory lane!

Childhood is one of the best part of anyone’s life. We need not necessarily need big things to make us happy. Our happiness those days remained in small activities or daily chores. On the occasion of children’s day, our television stars share about their cherish childhood memories:

Vahbiz Dorabjee -

14 November is a very special day for me because it is also my grandfather's birthday. My grandfather loved children and he spoiled me rotten. He would always buy me jellies and chewing gums. Every children's day, my mother surprises me and Daniel with gifts, whatever we liked. I have a lot of fond memories of the day.

Sneha Wagh -

I enjoyed being carefree as a child. Adulthood brings lots of responsibilities. When I was a kid, I always wanted it to grow up. But a little advice to the kids today, please don’t grow up. Childhood is the best time anyone can have. Children’s day was fun in school. Teachers did something special for us. Not to forget the sweets that we indulged on. There was a small function at school every year.

Jasmin Bhasin -

My childhood is the best part of my life and Children's Day was always special. In fact, all days were amazing as a child. But if I had to share one memory, then it would be when I would go out with my grandfather because he is my favourite person in my entire family. Every Sunday, he would take us to Chambal garden and after that for dinners. I would wait for Sundays all week. Spending time with him was the best part of my childhood. If I become a kid again, I would never like to grow up. Somehow I would like to make time stop and live as the child forever!

Laksh Lalwani -

Children's Day was always fun because it reminds me of the wonderful days of childhood. My mom tells me that I was a chubby kid with dense curly hair and I was very hyper. Its funny, because at any party my parents went to, people would take me from my mom's lap and use me as a tool/instrument/bait, whatever you want to call it, to attract women! They'd think that taking me along would attract girls and they could get a chance to a date!  I know it's weird, yet its true. But I would go back to that time because I feel that growing older makes one selfish, self-oriented and takes you away from mother nature. You lose your identity and transform into a 'pragmatic' creature. Yet, if given an opportunity, I would land again on my mother's back and shoulders as I found it the most adorable, safe, secure, comfortable and above all, a carefree space!

Ankit Bathla -

Children's Day was always amazing. My childhood was super fun. I remember throwing the milk in the plants so that mom won't come to know that I haven't had milk. Then, I would sleep and tell her I was revising. That way, I was a damn naughty kid. Even today, I'd give the world for sitting on that nursery bench, eating an orange ice-candy and dropping it all over my shirt. So much fun!

Vivian Dsena -

I was active in sports, even in school. I used to play football and used to win always. The winning streak foundation was laid in school only. I was always encouraged to play sports with my family and teachers.  I remember playing football in my area as well as school and those memories are still fresh. Children's Day meant a lot of fun activities in school and it was one of my favourite days in school.

Shashank Vyas -

My childhood in Ujjain is full of memories. I used to play in my colony with my friends. As a child, I was always pampered by everyone. I was naughty and used to be active in sports. Even as a child I was a foodie and used to spend my pocket money in buying little eatables outside the school. My parents used to tell me not to eat outside food but still, I used to do it all the time. Children's Day would be our day and we would be doubly naughty on that day.

Ssharad Malhotraa -

My childhood was in Kolkata and I was a big prankster. I used to have a lot of fun with my friends. There was no time limit to play on weekends and days like Children's Day. I used to play varieties of sports including football and cricket. When I recall those days I feel delighted. I am reminded of the song "woh kagaz ki kasthi woh baarish ka paani"

Pearl V Puri -

The craze of watching cartoons were an inseparable part of my childhood which continues to be one even today. I still enjoy watching my all time favorite ones like Tom and Jerry, Scooby dooby doo, Pokemon, Popeye the sailor man, Johnny Bravo, the list would be just endless. Then collecting maximum number of cards of my favorite cartoon characters were another amusing job I loved doing and now I still save those funny characters as my my desktop wallpapers.

Sara Khan -

Birthdays were and even today are special affair. Just knowing that it is a friend’s birthday it automatically bring smiles to our faces. During childhood the evening birthday parties were fun filled days. But now growing adult middnight celebrations has became the craze. We wait for special one's birthdays then and do now too patiently.

Aly Goni -

I love and enjoy when I'm appreciated for my work. From childhood to now, I enjoy the habit of working hard on the given deal to me. And its very much cheerful for me when people loves my work. Well, during my academic classes every time I received my test paper after correction, these stars were the first thing I looked for and that continues even today. I love when people appreciate my work.

Kunal Jaisingh -

Coloring classes was always the loved subject. Coloring pens, sketch pens, wax crayons, water colors filled every kid’s school bags we all enjoyed. Colors were a fascination then which everyone carried along and  we may all still find the activity fascinating, in our bust lives we may start if a pen in our hand. Filling varying colors in sketches of cartoons, human figures were a loved activity. Another curious activity that everyone loved doing as kids and even now is connecting dots of figures and then coloring them.

Tejasswi Prakash -

Rainy season was and is season of happiness. Splashing in puddles of rain water with friends was a part of the rainy season even we enjoy today in our adulthood. Jumping into the muddy puddles and splashing water on friends are some silly but crazy activities we still continue.

Suyyash Rai -

I love to do the final work of any activity. Like as an adult after my mom, sister or wife cut the fruits or veggies for salad, I love to decorate them in the plate similarly during childhood with coming in of new books in the beginning of academic year. Covering books with brown paper I usually left for my parents but the finishing touch of sticking name slips on top of it would be my copyrighted activity.

Helly Shah -

Life is filled with a lot of competitions. As a student then I wanted to win in something and even today the same excitement level is on to win something. Participating for something is thrill. Waiting back after school for extra practices for the event were another exiting times I spent as a kid. Similarly it happens now too, I spend lots of fun-filled time practicing for my performance after shoots.