Bigg Boss 15: Salman Khan reveals he talks to Sidharth Shukla’s mom, asks Shehnaaz Gill to ‘move on’

Salman Khan met Shehnaaz Gill as she appeared on Bigg Boss 15 grand finale to give a tribute to rumoured late boyfriend Sidharth Shukla. Both of them got teary-eyed as they met but Salman proceeded to advise her to move on and enjoy life. He said that he knows that the past few months have been extremely difficult for her and Sidharth’s mother, Rita Shukla and revealed that he has been in touch with the latter.

Talking to Shehnaaz, Salman said, “Jis hisaab se main Shehnaaz ko dekh raha hoon iss waqt mujhe khushi ho rahi hai ki woh life mein aage badh rahi hai aur mujhe aisi feeling aa rahi hia ki aaj ke baad yeh bahut aage jayegi. Bus ab life mein aage badho, puri zindagi tumhare paas hai abhi. Just need to move on, move on. (I am happy to see Shehnaaz move on in life. I have a feeling that she will go ahead in life. Now, all you need to do is move on, you whole life lies ahead of you)."

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He also revealed that he is in touch with Sidharth’s mom and said, “Mujhe pata hai tumhare liye bahut hi difficult raha hai yeh, sabke liye difficult raha hai. But, Sidharth ki Maa ke liye aur tumhare liye sabse zyaada difficult raha hai. Meri baat hoti hai Sidharth ki maa se. Main phone karta hoon. Toh bas ab aage badho. Kaam karo aur life enjoy karo (I know it has been difficult for you. For everyone but more for Sidharth Shukla's mother and you. I talk to Sidharth's mom. I call her. So, now just move on. Do your work and enjoy life)."

Salman and Shehnaaz also shook a leg to the actress’ viral rap Tauda Kutta Tommy and her latest rap Such a Boring Day. Sidharth passed away last year after suffering a sudden heart attack. His untimely death left his friends, fans and colleagues deeply shaken.