Don't trivialise such issues: Netizens slam Rubina Dilaik for her 'insensitive comment' on Eijaz Khan's 'mental health' in Bigg Boss 14


Bigg Boss 14's Thursday night episode was explosive. The captaincy task gave contestants a chance to make a lot of promises out of which some were real while some were fake. We saw a few contestants trying to make allies and the red zone contestants looking for assurance from the prospective captain to save them. Eijaz emerged as the new captain of the house and soon took over the responsibilities from Kavita. However, the two soon locked horns as Kavita got irritated by Eijaz's poking nature. 

The FIR actress told him to not irritate her by telling her to follow the rules. She also revealed that she was not Eijaz's friend in real life and that he overreacted after seeing her on the show. Eijaz was visibly hurt by Kavita's comments. Kavita blasted out on Eijaz for calling her his best friend given that Kavita has never shared a bond with Eijaz outside the house. Kavita was upset that because of Eijaz she was not able to make connections with the other contestants as they had a preconceived notion about her. Eijaz questioned Kavita while she got agitated and walked off. Eijaz got  very upset with Kavita.

When Kavita shared this with Rubina Dilaik, she passed a rather insensitive comment on Eijaz and said, "Looking at his mental health, I thought you (Kavita) would be a helping guide." Rubina's comment did not go down well with Bigg Boss 14 and Eijaz's fans, who are calling out the actress for being "insensitive" and "trivializing" mental health issues.

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Looks like Rubina has landed herself into trouble again. 

(Source: Twitter)