Bigg Boss 14: Pavitra Punia's ex-boyfriend Pratik Sehajpal calls her 'aggressive and possessive', says 'she didn't want me to do bold scenes with a female co-star'


Bigg Boss 14 contestant Pavitra Punia has been making headlines for her past relationships. While ex-boyfriend Paras Chhabra called her out for hiding her marriage from him, another ex of hers - Pratik Sehajpal has called her 'aggressive and possessive'. 

In an exclusive chat with a leading daily, Pratik said that his relationship was good with Pavitra Punia while it lasted but besieged with clashes. This was only making things go downhill between the two and one of the many large fights they had was when Pratik was offered a role where he had to do a bold scene with his female co-star. "These bold scenes have become so common in today's times and I am here to make my career. But trust me, I had refused the role and even told Pavitra about me turning it down." He said still, Pavitra fought with him on that. "I am not saying that her perspective in this was wrong. I guess it happens in love if you are too possessive."

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About his aggressive nature, he said, "Look, I am not denying that I am aggressive. But Pavitra too is. I think when two such aggressive people meet, there's going to be an explosion. I remember she threw and broke a few things in her house- flower vase, table- when we quarreled once (towards the closing stages) at her house. To give vent to my frustration, I went down and punched the wall; my hand started bleeding."

According to Pratik, the two met one evening at Pavitra's place and she told him that "It's not happening and they should part ways". Pratik informs, "I questioned her why but she was insistent and I had to let it go. And let me tell you that at that time, she didn't tell me that she wanted to break-up with me because my career was suffering because of her (as she told Jasmin)."

About Pavitra being possessive, he further said, "It might have happened because of that; the older person feels very protective about the younger one and thinks that his talent should help him make it instead of he taking a wrong step at any point. And the same might happen from the boy's side if he is older. And I am not complaining about her age. I can fall in love with someone who's 20 years older than me."

When asked if he is going to Bigg Boss, he said, "Frankly, nothing is decided yet."

(Source: Times Of India)