Bigg Boss 12 Grand Finale: Dipika takes home the trophy, Sreesanth becomes 1st runner-up; Deepak chooses money over win


Finally, the day arrived when the year's biggest entertainer successfully finished a yet another season. Yes, Bigg Boss 12 finally came to an end on Sunday night. Glitz, Glamour, spectacular performances and comedy, the finale had all elements of entertainment to bring a perfect closure not only to the season but, also to the year. Not to forget, the nail biting moment for fans as they waited for the host to announce the winner for the season.

It would not be wrong to say that Sreesanth and Dipika Kakkar came under the scanner every time for supporting each other, not just by the housemates but even by the celebs who entered the show. The two had their own share of misunderstandings and fights and honestly even a tough nut would crack under such pressure. But the way the two stuck to each other won a lot of applaud from the audience. The result was not hidden as the duo walked out of the house hand in hand as the finalists, holding their head high. Honestly, in three months this was the only time when we saw a happy Sreesanth.

Here’s all that happened on the finale night of Bigg Boss 12:

The show opened to a sizzling performance by the host and the contestants in the house. Salman greeted the audience and informed that the show received 1 crore votes for the finale week. Megha, Urvashi, Surbhi, Somi, Sana, Rohit, Nehaa attended the finale and Salman asked them about who they think will win the show. While Somi voted for Deepak walking out with the trophy, Megha felt Sree had bright chances and Nehha said the both Sree and Dipika could emerge as the winners.

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Bigg Boss had an emotional surprise for the finalist as their family members spoke about them making it so far. The most emotional was Deepak’s father who narrated how he borrowed 3000 rupees to send him to Delhi for the audition. Sree’s wife spoke about how he should shed the negative thoughts as his parents are super proud of him, despite him being going through so much. Romil’s father also expressed his dreams and sought support. Dipika’s mother in law came out in support of her bahu saying she is anything but fake. KV’s mom also spoke highly of her upbringing that KV displayed even in the toughest of all circumstances. The housemates got emotional after watching it. Romil told his father that his presence himself was his biggest trophy. His father reciprocated by saying that Romil was his diamond. Sree’s cute daughter accompanied her mother at the finale and the two shared a loving moment when she called her father funny, which made everyone go aww. KV and Teejay expressed their love for each other and KV told his mom that he now knows where he gets the tears from.

After the emotional moments, Salman tickled the funny moments of the audience as he told Sree that someone was counting on how many times the cricketer threatened to leave the house. The count was 299. He asked Sree to say it one of more time to finish his triple century. Sree said he will do it on the stage. Next was Dipika and Salman asked her if she remembers when was the first time she cried on the show? Salman told her that she cried on the fourth day during the captaincy task. He then asked Deepak about when he started having feelings for Somi? Deepak shied away saying that his parents were present.

Over three months, the commoners had developed a huge fan following especially in their hometown as it was matter of pride of their city. Salman took the audience to Karnal, Romil's hometown where his fans were cheering for him. He then asked Romil to thank them and made the moments special when he connected Romil to them. Next came was a power packed performer from the boys in the house, KV, Sree and Romil. It was themed around the rivalry which refused to go away even as they entered the finale. The trio performed on Ranveer Singh's popular song 'Khalibali'.

Comedian Bharti Singh entered the house and had fun with the housemates. She showed a clip of what people think would be the next career for the housemates. The audience were in splits as Sree’s fans think that he was an apt "daily soap material". Dipika was suggested to be the heroine and KV and Romil were called brothers/lawyers as nothing went in the house without their knowledge. She called Deepak "Ramu Kaka", and everyone laughed.

Bharti asked Deepak who would he love to be paired opposite with if he became an actor. When he said Katrina Kaif, Bharti pulled his legs. Bharti went on to pick mementos from the house and she picked Sreesanth’s dumbbells, Deepak’s towels and KV’s famous sequenced black jacket. Bharti bid adieu to the finalists.

Just liked every finale, Salman announced that even this season one of the finalist would be given a chance to choose between the trophy and the suitcase which had money. However, this time the twist was that the bag contained a higher amount compared to any other season. Salman announced that the money would be deducted from the total prize money of 50 lakhs.

It was time to announce the first eviction from the finalist, and Salman fooled around with KV and Deepak and finally announced KV to come out of the house. After coming out, KV said that Deepak would win the show. Well, like KV a lot of his hometown people were also keeping fingers crossed that he walked out with the trophy. The small town boy had won hearts and his people back home were leaving no stone unturned in showing support for him. Salman and the Bigg Boss team captured their emotions on the camera and Salman met his sister and had a heart to heart chat with them all. Deepak too had a chat with his sisters and followers and serenaded the crowd. Deepak and Somi gave a tongue and cheek performance just like their chemistry on the show.

Bharti joined Salman on the stage along with contestants from Khatron ke Khiladi. The host and director Rohit Shetty was also present. The team had the audience in spilts with their antics as they gave a glimpse of what was in stored for the audience.  Like always, Bharti did not shy away from proposing Salman for marriage. Salman and Bharti entertained the audience with a dance face off as they shook a leg to some of Bhai’s popular tracks.

It was time to reveal who would be eliminated next and Rohit Shetty entered the house. In a true blue Shetty style, he had the housemates tied to chair with a barbed wire. He said he would free two contestants who were safe. Rohit frees Sree and Deepak. The Simbaa director asked Romil and Deepak to free themselves but the twist was that there would be a blast around the chair of the housemate who was eliminated. As Romil and Deepak freed themselves, a blast happened near Romil’s chair signifying he was eliminated. Deepak entered the top three.

As the top three were announced, Salman connected with journalist Dibang who was at Jamia Millia to know who were the the fans supporting. While the opinions were mixed, the excitement was evident. While some felt that Sreesanth should win as he played genuinely, and some felt that he was never interested in complying any task. Some of the audience were rooting for Dipika to win as he maintained her grace even in the toughest of all situations. Amongst the two celebs, Deepak was not lagging behind in terms of popularity as most of the audience voted for him to win the show.

Salman entered the Sultani Akhada for one last time, not for a Dangal but for a promotion. Salman said it was time to announce the biggest twist to the finale. The three finalist were called together and they were made to stand near a buzzer. There was a suitcase kept and the three were asked to choose between the trophy and the buzzer. Salman said that for the first time ever the money was a whooping amount of 20 lacs. He said that whoever pressed the buzzer first would walk out of the finale with the money. It was quiet interesting to see Deepak taking a call to walk out as he was discussing the situation with KV a while back and had decided to not take the money and betray people’s trust in him. However, Deepak decided to walk out making Dipika and Sree as the the two finalists.

As he came out, Salman said he had taken the right decision as he had got less votes compared to Dipika and Sree. Deepak said that he had to be practical given his personal circumstances. Deepak said that he can now get his sister married in a decent way. Salman lauded his sincerity and passion for the game and was happy that he took this decision.

It was time for the last performance. As Dipika and Sree were the two finalist the two narrated their bitter sweet journey through a dance no. They shook a leg to the famous Ye ladka hai deewana and Tu jo mila, song and reinstated their bond in front of the audience.

The moment had finally arrived for the two to walk the aisle of the house together for one last time. As Bigg Boss congratulated them he did not leave a chance to pull Sree’s leg before opening the main gate. The two went through mixed emotions of excitement, nervousness and nostalgia as they were all set to leave the house. For one last time, Bigg Boss ordered them to switch off the lights. The passage of the garden area lit up as the duo walked out and joined Salman on the stage.

As the time had come to announce the winner, Salman held their hands, fooled around with Dipika first and then Sree and finally, raised Dipika’s hand and announced her the winner. Dipika was shell shocked and couldn’t believe that he had won. Her last words were that it has been a life changing experience. Her husband Shoain too couldn’t hide the happiness to see his better half holding the trophy after being through so much in the house.

With this, Bigg Boss 12 came to an end. It would be very interesting to see how Sreesanth reacts to Dipika winning the show as he always said that she would win as she was a prodigy of colors. Will the duo be able to maintain their brother sister relationship? Well this is something only time can tell. You can share your thoughts in the comment box below.