Bigg Boss 12 Written Update Day 94: Housemates seek revenge on each other on Malishka’s chat show

With only eight days remaining for the finale the drama in the house just got interesting. After the disappointing ticket to finale task yesterday, Mumbai ki Rani RJ Malishka hosted a radio chat show with the housemates. They were paired opposite their arch-rivals which made the chat show even juicier. While Malishka threw a volley of awkward questions around the housemates, the listeners too got a chance to speak to their favourite contestants and ask them a question.

Everyone else’s behaviour was normal but, TV’s favourite bahu Simar who we barely heard on the show if she was not around her brother Sree took everyone by surprise with her aggressive approach. Now I am confused if Dipika is doing this out of desperation to survive or if this is what Dipika is in reality?

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Here’s all that happened in the house: 

KV woke up wishing his kids and saying that in a weeks time he will be with them. Housemates woke up to the Radio Song, from Salman Bhai’s movie Tubelight. They sure didn’t anticipate where was this headed. Somi and Romil had a discussion about the ticket to finale task and Romil said that housemates didn’t want him in the finals at all. Somi disagreed and the two got into an argument again.

Bigg Boss announced a radio task, wherein contestants would go in a pair and interact with the callers who would ask them questions. Bigg Boss said that it was a golden opportunity for them to prove their stance. The first pair was of Dipika and Romil. The two were pleasantly surprised to see Malishka hosting the show. After formal greetings with each other Malishka threw a flurry of questions at the two. She asked them the reason for their animosity towards each other. Dipika called Romil overconfident and said that with some people the equation just never sets. Romil, on the other hand, said that Dipika has been at the receiving end of his strategies and hence disliked him.

Malishka asked Romil if he considered himself as the mastermind, and he agreed. A caller asked Romil about him being termed as the betrayer in the house and Romil said that he has played for everyone in his team. Dipika too agreed that Romil was double-faced but not Dhokebaaz. Malishka asked Dipika if Happy Club breaking up affected Romil’s game. Dipika agreed and said that post the break up he desperately looked for support. A caller asked Romil why he was demoralized a few weeks back. Romil said that it was a phase and now he was hellbent to win. Dipika was asked about sticking to Sree as he was powerful and helped her in the game. She said that if Sree was the only reason she wouldn’t have made it so far. Dipika also clarified that she was not fake and said that Bigg Boss’s ardent fan Farah Khan also complimented her. Dipika was asked if Sree was not there would her equation with Romil be different? Dipika confidently said that she does not like Romil kind of guys. The two were then asked who they saw in top three, Dipika named herself, Sree and Deepak. Romil to voted for himself, Deepak and Sree and later instead of Sree chose Surbhi.

Next was Somi and Deepak. Malishka first questioned Deepak about their relationship. Somi said that they were just friends. Deepak was questioned if Somi used him in the show. He declined. The caller asked if there was a false love triangle being created between Somi, Deepak and Romil just for the show. Somi again clarified that her feelings for Romil were pious. Somi was questioned about choosing Surbhi in the ticket to finale task. Deepak said expecting support from someone like Somi was not wrong. The caller asked Deepak if he was jealous of Somi and Romil’s closeness. Deepak said that he felt bad the way Romil treated her and that shouldn’t be termed as jealousy. Deepak was asked about his dad not approving their marriage. Deepak said his dad’s approval was important. Deepak was asked who is Somi stronger in comparison too? Deepak said Somi was stronger than, Surbhi, Dipika and KV.

Malishka asked Deepak who he saw himself standing with in the finale, when Salman decides between two people. To everyone’s surprise, he named Romil and him.  Somi chose Surbhi and herself. The caller asked Deepak why was he losing it at the drop of his hat at this point of the show. Deepak said that he will try to keep his aggression under wraps. When asked Somi about that one thing she liked in Deepak, Somi said he was caring. Deepak also said the same about Somi. In the end, the two were asked to give one quality of the housemates. For Surbhi they said she was powerful and emotional, KV was generous, Somi was not weak, Romil was overconfident, Sree was aggressive and Dipika was smart and planner.

The housemates started to discuss what happened inside. Dipika was upset with Somi to call her an opportunist. She said about the same to Sree. Sree asked Deepak what adjective he used for him. Deepak said good player and actor. Next were Sree and KV join Malishka. The two immediately locked horns. Malishka asked about KV moving his groups in the house. KV said that he can not follow herd mentality and stayed at a place that was happy. She then asked KV if Sree was the reason for his relationship with Dipika turning sour. KV disagreed. Sree was questioned about his behavior and making a comment like “baa ki aukaat” nahi hai”, Sree disagreed and said that KV also have picked up on him and taunted is ten years of hard work. KV also agreed that he took time to understand the game but, today he is only focussing to win.

Malishka asked KV and Sree that the both accused one another of over dramatizing thins. KV obviously supported himself and not Sree said that he had come unprepared for the show in comparison for others. Next, a caller asked Sree about his different shades and which one was to be beloved. Sree said that every shade was real and this is what he was in his real life too. Malishka asked KV about Dipika using Sree as a support to be in the game. KV agreed and Sree said that Dipika was the one who supported him in his thick and thin and credited her for him reaching so far in the game. She then asked KV who would he like the people to save between him and KV. KV said the most deserving person should be saved. Sree voted for himself. Malishka asked Sree that between him and Dipika who he thinks would reach the final, Sree said that in a week’s time everyone would know.

Post the task, Sree told Dipika about the last question and his answer. He then started crying over the caller who questioned his demeanor. Dipika consoled him. KV, on the other hand, apologize to his dad and said that Sree does not deserve his attention. Sree apologized to KV for his remarks and said that though he does not remember he was sorry. KV asked him to not speak with him until the end of the show.

The preview showed yet an interesting episode as RJ Pritam and Manu Punjabi decides who will go to jail. Who do you think will be eliminated from the house this week? Leave your answers below and keep reading this space to know what happened in the house tomorrow.