BB 11 - 1 Dec - Housemates dance to the tunes of Dj Vikas and Dj Priyank


Tonight's show began with fights between old friends.

Vikas told Bandgi and Puneesh in the jail about Arshi and her behaviour. Arshi took the fight to another level by writing on the wall "mera best freind dhokebaaz" hai after which Vikas vowed never to talk to Arshi.

Next day morning Arshi once again flirted with Hiten and asked him personal questions about his marriage. She asked him not to talk to Vikas to which he asked Arshi to keep him out of this mess.

The housemates woke up to tunes of "Dj wake babu". Shilpa got morning tea for Vikas in bed and Vikas spoke about her changed behavior.

Arshi too tries to patch up with Vikas and attributed her behaviour to getting worked up from being in the jail. Hiten backed up Arshi and asked Vikas to forgive her. Bigg Boss then announces the end of the jail term for Arshi and others.

The moment Arshi was out of the jail she picked on Shilpa by calling her names. She said she regrets calling her "ma" and that she is shameless to not ask her for food in the jail and at the same time offer it to Bandgi and Puneesh. Arshi said that she is the only one who has stood by Shilpa's side when everyone else isolated her.

Shilpa who kept quiet through all the allegations finally broke down and Bandgi consoled her. Akash too joins the Shilpa bashing bandwagon with Arshi and said that he does not want to eat what she has made. Arshi offered to cool for him. Akash said that Shilpa poisons the food.

Shilpa vents out her heart to Puneesh and said that Arshi and Akash's behaviour is causing her immense pain. Arshi clarified that if Shilpa is upset with her because she spoke to Hina, then she should know that it does not mean that she is going to slip to Hina's side. Arshi continued her allegations and said that Shilpa is not worth calling a mother. Arshi also called Shilpa a helpless woman and Shilpa replied that it's not her but actually it's Arshi who is helpless.

Bigg Boss then announces the captaincy task and asked the housemates to come up with two names based on the performance of the luxury budget task. Majority of the people vote for Shilpa including Vikas and Bandgi. Hina kept repeating that Priyank should be in the captaincy task. Bandgi tried to convince Shilpa for running for the captaincy but Shilpa refused to accept the offer as she felt that she had no hold over people in the house. Finally Vikas and Priyank fight it out for captaincy.

In the captaincy task, Vikas and Priyank turned Dj's. Time to time Bigg Boss played a song and the contestant of the supporting team had to come on the stage and dance in support. Hiten was the empire of this task.

Vikas won the task and was declared the captain of the house.

Arshi was back to her antics of fighting with Shilpa. She said that working in the kitchen is Shilpa's game and that Shilpa pretends that there is so much work and also she does the entire kitchen work on her own only to get footage.

In the garden Area, Luv and Priyank were seen talking about Hina Khan. Luv told Priyank that Shilpa is a very smart and is playing the game very intelligently. He also said that Shilpa knows how to keep her name popular in the house. Priyank agreed with him.

Puneesh and Bandgi spoke to Shilpa about Arshi and her acts off lately. They instigate Shilpa and told her that Arshi and Akash were trying to corner her.

Tomorrow will be weekend ka vaar and guess who will be joining Salman on the show. Well let me drop a hint, I am sure she's someone with whom his current charm from Romania is not too fond of. So you keep guessing and I shall see you later!

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