BB 11 - Nov 27- Puneesh throws his footwear at Akash, Hina misbehaves with Shilpa


Fights in the house are inevitable owing to the format of the show. This season we have seen contestants fighting over religion, sexual preference, gender and today they fought for food.

Hiten confronts Arshi over her problem with Shilpa and Bandgi and Puneesh. He asks Arshi to sort her differences with Shilpa. Taking Hiten's advise Arshi tries to lend an olive branch to Shilpa but Ms. Shinde is no mood to give Arshi a second chance.

Arshi decides to cook for herself and Hiten tries to talk to her about it. Arshi and Akash team up and are unmanageable. Hiten gives up.

Hina and Shilpa on the other hand fight for parathas. Hina misbehaves with Shilpa once again. She asks Shilpa to be in her limits, which I think should be the other way round. Hina makes a cheap gesture by peeping into her T-shirt and tells Shilpa to look into herself once.  Akash and Arshi appreciate her unruly gesture. Hiten sets the rule to eat. Hina takes the extra paratha and feeds it to the crows. Hiten sets ration rules and says that everyone is person will eat two parathas and rice.


Fed up with Arshi's constant taunting, Shilpa asks Arshi to not call her "Ma" & tells her that by insulting her she is actually insulting her own mother.

Puneesh and Akash refuse to let their differences go and get into an ugly spat leading to Puneesh throwing Akash's food. Puneesh even throws his chappal at Akash and tells him that he is done with his disrespectfulness and that he will carry this to his grave. 

Bigg Boss then announces nominations and calls Hina inside. Hina nominated Puneesh and Bandgi for their scheming ways. Akash, Luv and Priyank also nominate Puneesh and Bandgi. Vikas nominated Hina for her behavior with Shilpa and Luv. Bandgi too nominated Luv for not contributing towards the show and Akash for his behavior. Shilpa nominated Luv and Priyank. Hiten nominates Akash for his rage and Puneesh for using abusive language in the house. Puneesh with a heavy heart nominated Akash and Luv. Arshi nominated Puneesh.

Finally, Luv, Puneesh and Bandgi get nominated for the week. Hina, Priyank and Arshi discuss nominations. Hina tells Arshi that Luv will get evicted this week.

During dinner, Akash and Bandgi do not stick to the meal limit set by Hiten. Akash is all praise for Hina in yet another argument over the food. Hiten gets upset and tells Luv and Hina, that if they do not wish to follow then he will stop rationing.

Arshi tries to talk to Shilpa once again in the night and asks her why is she so upset with her. Shilpa tells her that she is playing a game and nothing else matters to her. Shilpa refuses to let Arshi in again.

During today's episode, Priyank and Luv write "Respect Woman" slogan on the bench in the garden area and stand there with hands folded and apologize for all that they have done and said that has hurt a woman's dignity. Vikas feels disgusted with this and says that this is only for the cameras.

Honestly, boys my piece of advice is simple, "actions speak louder than words".