BB 11: Nov 19 - Deepika and Salman Padmavati shenanigans and goof ups!


A lot of you who watched the pretty Deepika Padukone saying on Bigg Boss 11 that Padmavati is releasing on Dec 1, please don't believe it, it seems to be a big goof up on the part of the channel.

As informed by our sources Deepika had come yesterday to the sets of Bigg Boss amidst tight security. Her vanity van was armed with six bouncers and two constables and she arrived in a normal sedan arranged by Endemol. Until yesterday there was no news on the delayed release date. But before the show aired, on Sunday afternoon, an official statement by Viacom 18 announced that the release of the movie has been deferred. Looks like the show makers forgot to edit the part and they showed the part where Salman asked DP the release date she said it's Dec 1


Anyways, moving on with what happened in weekend ka Vaar, Salman entered the stage and announced that Deepika was in the house. Deepika was seen having some fun with the housemates, she gave them a task and first called upon Akash. Akash was supposed to inhale helium (from a balloon) and sing. Akash made some funny noises which had Deepika and the others in split. Deepika was very impressed with Akash who and complimented him for being a sport.

Deepika then called asked Arshi about the most dangerous thing in the world and she replied one-sided love. She called Arshi and Hiten on the stage and turned the tables as she asked Hiten to say the popular dialogue of SRK from Om Shanti Om while holding Arshi's hand and looking into her eyes. Arshi was thrilled and Hiten just completed the task. Sapna was called upon the stage next and she showed some dance moves that got huge appreciation from everyone including Deepika. As she was impressed with Sapna she gave Sapna a special power. Sapna was asked to take one name and she named Akash. Akash was tied up in chains throughout today's episode as a punishment.

Deepika then gave the housemates a task, in which they had to name three people who had traits of Rani Padmavati, King Ratan Singh, and Alauddin Khilji. While Shilpa was crowned Rani Padmavati, Hiten was honored as Raja Ratna Singh and agate a lot of discussions Puneesh Sharma was Alauddin Khiji -the Villian. The housemates said that he was wrong in instigating Akash against Arshi and Shilpa and because of that the two girls went through hell.

This decision made Puneesh livid and the housemates broke into an argument in front of Deepika. She then left the house to join Salman on stage. Before leaving the housemates joined her to dance to the song Ghoomar. Meanwhile, the housemates discussed what happened in front of Deepika and Shilpa criticises Puneesh's behavior in front of a guest. An upset Puneesh kisses Bandgi and tells her that he will not spare the housemates for making him the villain.

Salman enters the house and makes fun of Puneesh. He asks the housemates to guess, who is getting evicted. Salman then comes out of the house and tries to perform on Ghoomar but is unable to and asks Deepika to come on the stage. As Deepika joined Salman on stage she performance on Ghoomar.

Salman says the last season she came to promote XXX: Return of Xander Cage and today its return of Bhansali. Salman then asked Deepika about how she feels about working with Ranveer Singh for the third time. Deepika replies by saying that technically, in this movie she has not worked with Ranveer as they have no scenes with each other. Salman takes a dig at the controversy by repeating and emphasizing that the two have no scenes together.

Deepika and Salman entertained the audience by playing some fun games. Deepika then left. Deepika asked Salman who will he choose to date between her and Katrina. He says he will date both and kill both. 

Salman then re-entered the house and asks Hina Khan and Shilpa and Shinde to come in the Sultani Akhada. Hina won round 1, as everybody supported Hina. Shilpa won the next two rounds.

Salman even takes a dig at Luv's performance in the Dino task and asks him that if he wanted to save so many people why was he getting aggressive to come out. Luv says that he also wanted to be the captain.

Salman then addresses the housemates once again and creates the suspense around the eviction. He asks Sapna to come out and Hina refuses to let Sapna go. He fools around with Ben a bit and Ben pleads with him to not crack jokes.Finally, Salman announces Ben's name and asks her to come out of the house.

Hina holds Ben and cries and Arshi smirks. Priyank looked heartbroken. Ben holds him tight and Vikas walks her out of the house. Vikas consoles her by saying she played well and finally Ben bids adieu to the house and the inmates. She tells Priyank she loves him and will miss him.

Priyank cries bitterly and says that he has become used to her. Hina consoles him.

Monday will be nominations again, also with Bandgi being the captain of the house some more drama is bound to happen.