Aarya 3 Review: 'Lady Don' Sushmita Sen is in top form in one of the best seasons!

Web Series: Aarya 3 
Cast: Sushmita Sen, Ila Arun, Indraneil Sengupta, Vikas Kumar
Directed by: Ram Madhvani
Episodes: 4 (Part 1 )
OTT: Disney+ Hotstar
Rating: 3.5 Moons

The season 3 begins with a scene of Aarya Sareen aka Sushmita Sen getting shot but it soon takes you to the flashback. We see Aarya has decided to expand her drug business but soon she comes across Sooraj (Indraneil Sengupta)  who has only one mission, to kill Aarya to seek revenge for his dead wife.

In 2021, when we had left season two of Aarya at a juncture where she reluctantly took over the illegal family business. She is now a don, orchestrating drug deals, getting into bed with Russian mobs and standing her ground to protect her family from Sooraj and Nalini Saiba (Ila Arun).

Sushmita is synonymous with strength, fear, resilience and vulnerability. Her dialogue delivery is impeccable, her lioness-like body language and that unmatched aura, Sushmita is in top form. Director-creator Ram Madhvani has supported her lead actress with an able cast. Vishwajeet Pradhan as Sampat, Viren Vazirani as Veer, Aarya’s son and Indraneil have taut character arch, contributing to the story's growth. Ila's part will come to fruition and glory in the next half of the show, but it already looks appealing. However, Sikandar Kher as Daulat and Vikas Kumar as ACP Khan haven't been given much material to execute and their flow chart remains more or less the same. 

Aarya S3 strongly emphasizes  female empowerment. The screenplay by Khushboo Raj and Amit Raj, don't waste any time in taking the narrative forward, however, it lacks drama in few scenes as the speed fails to catch up with the emotions. The background score is top notch, the action, blood, gore, bone smashing is served on a platter, with no mercy shown. But part two of S3 will need to have characters and story lines which have more material to perform, and a narrative which takes into consideration that Sushmita aka Aarya - the mother - who embraced underworld to protect her children, her kids are all grown up, and their contribution should be taken into account to make the story and events go forward in a thrilling manner. 

Nonetheless, Aarya S3 Part 1 deserves your binge watch time, especially raising a toast to Sushmita Sen! What a beauty!