Khwabon Ke Parindey trailer: Asha Negi, Mrinal Dutt, Manasi Moghe and Tushar Sharma embark on a road trip that teaches them the true meaning of life, love and friendship

‘Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend’. Truer words have never been said. The journey of life can sometimes be tough, but with the help of friends, getting through it becomes a lot easier. In times like these, when everything around the world is uncertain, sharing your deepest fears and secrets over a video call with your friends at the end of the day, makes it all better. Directed by Tapasvi Mehta, the latest offering by Voot - Khwabon Ke Parindey, starring Asha Negi, Mrinal Dutt, Manasi Moghe and Tushar Sharma in the lead characters, celebrates friendships and hope. This highly awaited drama series will stream on the platform from 14th June, 2021.

Set against the scenic landscape of the land down under – Australia, Khwabon Ke Parindey revolves around the lives of the three main protagonists – Bindiya, Dixit and Megha. After graduating from the University of Melbourne, wild child Bindiya, convinces two of her most trusted friends, Dixit and Megha to accompany her on an ambitious and potentially crazy road trip from Melbourne to Perth. On their journey, they meet the quirky, witty and rugged hitchhiker Aakash. This trip means so much to each one of them as this journey gives them an opportunity to rediscover themselves and become each other’s truth serum.

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Talking about the show, Asha Negi shares, “The kind of roles that I have played in my stint with television have been completely different from the role of Bindiya, hence when I read the script, I knew it would be a challenge for me. But thanks to me director, Tapasvi, the journey has been extremely smooth, and he helped me transition into the character of Bindiya quite seamlessly.

She adds, “Khwabon Ke Parindey is all about life which makes it so relatable to all of us. It talks about how friends help you get through even the most difficult phases of your life easily and why is it important to cherish those friends all your life. While my friends have helped me grow and be the best version of myself, I have also found new friends in my co stars Mrinal, Manasi and Tushar who I will treasure for life.”

Mrinal Dutt expressed, “Shooting for this show was just the most beautiful experience the actor and the traveler in me could have asked for!It was constant shooting on the go ,driving through the  spectacular Terrains of Australia with a very enthusiastic young crew, which very soon became an actually unit of friends ,shooting and collectively experiencing the actual journey and the journey of the characters in the film. It’s a beautiful coming of age drama and I am pretty sure the youth will connect with it. Playing Dixit was quite challenging for me initially as his personality is completely different from mine and Tapasvi wanted Dixit in a very specific way so we had to dig. The experience of prepping for my role was great and I have a lot to thank my director, Tapasvi for. We spent a lot of time together and worked on finding Dixit .From there on it was some amazing synchronicity. This show should be watched with your friends and I am sure the audience will find that a lot of the instances shown in this series has definitely happened with them at some point.”

Khwabon Ke Parindey is a beautiful and simple story that is relevant to today’s youth and will resonate with the audience. It will teach you how your friends can be your biggest strengths; celebrating good times and supporting through the bad times. Working on the show was a wonderful experience for me and I hope that the viewers also enjoy it.  Tapasvi and team have effortlessly captured the picturesque landscape of Australia while perfectly  syncing the visuals and mood of the story" said Manasi Moghe.

Tushar Sharma said, “My character, Aakash, is versatile, quirky and carefree. His unpredictable nature is what sets him apart. I am really happy that I got to essay a role wherein I could portray a range of emotions. Working in Khwabon Ke Parindey was an extremely enriching experience as it brought together two very important aspects of my life- acting and travelling. I hope that the audience enjoys our show and they look forward to creating some terrific memories with their own friends "

Khwabon Ke Parindey is a six-part series starring Asha Negi, Mrinal Dutt, Manasi Moghe and Tushar Sharma in the lead characters. Watch how a simple road trip from Melbourne to Perth, changes the lives of Bindiya, Dixit, Megha and Tushar as they unravel their emotions, heal wounds, fall in love and combat their worst fears.

Khwabon Ke Parindey is streaming from 14th June, 2021 exclusively on Voot.

(Source: Agencies)