Mumbai's Slum Princess Maleesha Kharwa visits a restaurant for the first time in her life in Jas Sagu's and Arsala Qureishi's 'Live Your Fairytale' trailer


Jas Sagu and Arsala Qureishi, the women behind the production company Blow Broadcast, are all set to bring in a short film Live your Fairytale based on the life of Maleesha Kharwa, a twelve-year-old girl who resides in a slum in India (under the rocks by the Sea Link on Worli Sea Face). She is single-handedly destroying patriarchy and enabling change as she is paving the way for equality and economic freedom in her family. She is also enabling experiences for herself and for the children in her slum community. Maleesha Kharwa is a child who is going to drive an entire community to a better life. She is an enabler. She is deconstructing every convention of a fairy tale. Her father Mukesh is a single parent who is enabling and allowing Maleesha to follow her dreams.


Jas and Arsala were introduced to Maleesha by Hollywood actor Robert Hoffman. Hoffman flew down to Mumbai (India) in the month of February 2020 to launch their music video Aag Ka Gola L.A in which he acted. During his stay in India he discovered Maleesha Kharwa. It was Jas who advised Robert to start an Instagram page for Maleesha rather than approaching casting agents, the very same page is now a verified account on social media and has over 100 K followers in a span of a year.





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The idea of making a short documentary on Maleesha’s life came about in an organic manner. The duo didn’t go out with the intention of making a film; they just wanted to document a different day in the lives of these children.


Watch the trailer of the short film here: 


Live your Fairytale releases on April 16, 2021!