Citadel: Fimmaker duo Raj and DK reveal details about the Priyanka Chopra-Richard Madden series with the Russo Brothers, 'Our edition will be in Hindi'


Priyanka Chopra had said last year that she is in talks with the Russo Brothers for a project. Now, she confirmed that she is starring opposite Richard Madden for the Amazon series called Citadel. Now the latest news is that screenwriters Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK have been roped in to write and direct it. But, that’s not all, Citadel is a global franchise, so while there are US and Italy counterparts, Raj and DK will be helming the India one that stars Priyanka and Richard.  The filmmaker duo spoke at length about the series in an interview. 

Spilling more details about the project, DK explained in Marvel Superhero lingo and said, “They are making the Avenger, we are making Iron Man, since we are the quirky ones and Italy is making Thor.” Priyanka had revealed in her tweet that the series is a multi-layered global franchise with interconnected language productions from India, Italy and Mexico. The US edition will be directed by the Russo Brothers. 

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DK further said that there will be common characters going from one series to another. However, Raj added that this is what they are guessing. He said, “There is no concrete plan but yes, we are being told this what the idea is." DK also said that there will be incidents that will trigger something in another version and the characters will interchange. They also revealed that all the seasons from the different parts of the world will hit the steamer at around the same time. It could begin with US, move to India and then have the Italian version. 

Raj and DK also revealed that the versions will be in their native language. So Citadel will be in Hindi while the Italian version will be in Italian and the US version in English. In the interview, DK jokes that maybe we can take the same idea and get Family Man to meet Jack Ryan in a crossover. 

Watch the interview here: 

(Source: Rajeev Masand)