Bhushan Kumar's T-Series to takeover PewDiePie with highest number of subscribers on YouTube


YouTube sensation and controversy king PewDiePie, as he is known, might lose his position as the highest subscribed channel to Indian music and Bollywood production channel, T-Series. PewDiePie or Felix Kjellberg has been at the top for almost eight years now. Currently, he has more than 65 million subscribers whereas T-Series has over 60 million subscribers.

With just five million subscribers remaining until PewDiePie loses his throne, the digital sensational is surely worried. He released a video on August 29 titled This Channel will take over PewDiePie. In the video, he reacted to the fact that an ‘Indian channel’ was the cause behind him dropping down from his spot and was visibly disappointed. According to Social Blade, an online site that allows you to track your channel and accounts’ statistics, producer Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series will take over his channel approximately by the end of 2018.

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In the video he screamed, “We are failing!” and urged his viewers to subscribe to his channel.  In fact, he even asked T-Series to have a “saber fight” with him “like real men”. He said, “I’m throwing my glove at you T-Series. Fight me. IRL. To the death.” When he checked why an Indian channel was turning out to be a threat, he found “that’s a lot of people there.”  On realizing the potential, he politely asked his Indian viewers to subscribe, too.

The content creator’s net worth, as estimated in 2017 by Business Insider, was $61 Million. Though, his net salary was calculated to be $15 Million. In 2013, The Wall Street Journal reported that he earned $4 million, just in three years into his career. Disney Studio’s extended organization Makers Studio had signed him but decided to cut ties after he courted controversies by using the N-word and his comment about killing Jews.

Recently, he even had a Twitter feud with Ekta Kapoor after he took a dig her show Kasamh Se.