Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai trailer: Ronit-Mona's mature lovestory sheds light on extramarital affair


Ekta Kapoor has been treating her fans with an array of web series on her ALTBalaji website and app. After surprising us with the second season of the hit show Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat (starring Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar), the TV Czarina announced a new show Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai starring Ronit Roy and Mona Singh.

Ronit and Mona have already made it huge in the telly world and watching the two in the same frame is no less than a celebration. The story revolves around Ronit (Rohit) who is seen to be deeply and madly in love with Mona (Ananya). It seems to be all flowers and roses for the couple until we see that Rohit, is, in fact, part of a troubled-marriage with Poonam played by popular TV actress Gurdeep Kohli.


Rohit's extra-marital affair is not hidden from his friends and family. Of course, this makes everything harder for them all. His daughters, outspoken yet grounded, try taking the matter into their own hands. Realising all the mess that is going on, Ananya decides that it would be the best to call things off with Rohit. But deep down neither of the two want to give up on each other.

Being stuck between the love of his life and the woman he his married to, Ronit brings out all of Rohit's sufferings on screen beautifully. Gurdeep as Poonam is a regular housewife, who wants to keep problems as far away as possible even if that means having to 'adjust' somewhere. Her calm and composed act hiding the turbulence and pain of her husband's infidelity looks promising. Mona as Ananya seems to be the one to bring conflict and solution to the story. As a woman in love out of wedlock, Mona's avatar is a surprise for the viewers.

You cannot help but sympathize with these characters.

A show on an extra-marital affair is not a new idea. But what makes this show stand out is its approach to the situation. It does not stay on the surface but digs deep inside and around the relationships and highlights the fact that love has no age. One can fall in and out love, be at the age of 20 or 40.

With a lot of expectations (which we're hoping will come true), this is a show we are waiting to watch.