Valentine's Day 2022 Numerology Prediction For B-Town Couples By Sanjay B Jumaani


They say love has no language, but numbers do! And ‘Reel or Real’, your beloved celebs are bound by it. So let’s decipher, and take a look at some of our star-studded relationships in Bolly-Town! 

Love Per Square Foot [Vicky-Katrina] 

I had expressed my happiness soon after knowing that Vicky Kaushal & Katrina Kaif sparked a love interest! Both are governed by 7 (Neptune) and have quite a few similar likes & dislikes- art being one of the common elements between them. It won’t be a surprise if they procreate some sort of magic together this year, until their birthdates (as both are in their respective lucky years) or even in 2023 (7) for that matter; as the same adds to 7- their lucky number. 

However, The flip side of this is that 7 (Neptune) can make them both overly emotional, moody & restless. Vicky is a Taurean; hence governed by the Earth sign, whereas Katrina is a  Cancerian, thus Water. Well; as you already know, Earth and Water have co-existed for billions of years together! ‘7 Janam’ is thus a cakewalk for them. 

Made In Heaven [Priyanka-Nick] 

Many-many years before they got married, 13 years, in fact, we had predicted that Priyanka would marry at 36 (9), as she is a number 9, born on July 18 (9)! Moreover, we had also predicted a baby for the duo in a leading publication 2 years ago, stating that PC would be a mother after 2 years. Number 9’s are governed by Mars- a fiery planet that we can see with the naked eye. This prompts them to be fierce. Hence, such people cannot play the second fiddle. Number 9s being fighters in all aspects, are forceful and headstrong. And thus they do well as leaders or in positions of authority.  Unlike Deepika, we had suggested she spell her name as ‘Priyanka Chopra  Jonas’ for more positivity! Well, she followed too, and the rest is ‘history’!  

Yes, Nick Jonas got the love of his life. Advice to Nick is that he should learn to deal with Priyanka’s straightforward and impulsive nature. 

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi [Virat-Anushka] 

Even during their brief-speculated split before marriage, we were confident that they would fall back, as they’re a good match, one an Earth Sign, other a Water. To rephrase it, almost inseparable. It makes more sense now,  especially with the blowing of kisses from pitches to stands! After a brief period into their marriage, when Anushka’s mom consulted us for her venture, we had mentioned that the duo would deliver a baby in the coming year, to which she laughed saying that they had no such plans as they were career-driven. But numbers stumped us all, and they delivered a  cracker of an innings by the name of Vamika Kohli.  

On the marriage front, Virat will pretty much do what he’s best at, ‘leading from the front’. Wishing them a happy married life, Jab Tak Hai Jaan! 

Ishaqzaade [Arjun-Malaika] 

Arjun is a number 8, while Malaika is a number 5. And as per Numerology, 1,  3, 5 & 6 are very lucky for No. 8’s. So it’s fair to say that Malaika's number suits his horoscope. Both, he & Malaika are Water signs; thus with no surprise, they’re quite compatible. In fact, she has and will bring him more luck too, if they subsequently tie the knot (which I feel, they will.) 

Arjun’s name number adds to 42, which is a very good number, but his signature is not up to the mark. However, he is in his lucky 37th Year! So let’s expect a good year for him. 

Ishq-Malang [Tiger-Disha]

Tiger is a No. 2, governed by the Moon and Venus, and I had predicted even before 'Heropanti' that he will be successful. Disha is a No. 4; thus Tiger is lucky for her, but not necessarily vice versa. (1, 2 & 7 are numbers lucky for 4’s). They should not make joint accounts; investments should be made in Tiger's name. Disha can be rebellious, and since she is governed by Mercury &  Uranus, she should ideally avoid early marriage (which she did so far). They are likely to travel together but may also be apart from each other due to their work. 

Post his birthday this March, he would enter his favourable period as he’d be in his lucky 33rd year! That’s when I feel that his love life would scale newer heights. 

Jabariya-Jodi [Sidharth-Kiara] 

Sidharth is a No. 7 and Kiara is a No. 4. Four and seven are numbers of the same family, hence no wonder the attraction. She is a Leo and since she's governed by the Sun (1), she's likely to be the woman on top being more authoritative. They look like a good pair, but Kiara's numbers indicate that she will have to make a lot of adjustments if she marries Sidharth. Anyway, marriage is never a bed of roses for anybody. She should wear a Ruby and Sid can wear a cat's eye gemstone. 

While Sidharth is already in his important 38th (2) Year, Kiara will be in her eventful 31st-year post her birthday this July. So if there has to be a  development in their love story, it should be post 1st August 2022, when both their periods will in alignment.


Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani [Ranbir-Alia] 

Ranbir is governed by 1 (Sun), and Alia (6, Venus) is Lady-Luck for him! 1 &  6 are a fair match. So let’s say this fairly straight- marriage seems to be on the cards for these two lovebirds! Ranbir is governed by Sun and Venus, both. But I am not too happy with the vibrations emanated by his name. He can get isolated and lonely from his own people, which has been the case in his relationships.  

Though both are evidently in love, Alia could be emotionally more brittle, while Ranbir would be rather practical & straightforward. While Alia is Lady-Luck for him, her name number adds up to 4 which signifies restlessness. It won't be easy for Alia to be the woman on top, and Ranbir will need to be more affectionate & patient towards her. All in all, a good match. 

Coolie No. 1; Oops, Jodi No. 1! [Varun-Natasha] 

To one of the youngest couples of Bolly-land, we not only wish but also predict tons of love, peace and harmony. Born on April 24 (2+4= 6), Varun is a number 6, (Venus, the planet of luxury and entertainment). Thus, with a 90% + strike rate, it won’t be wrong to call him the Midas of Bollywood. 

He also happens to be a firm believer of numerology; hence no prizes for guessing, he chose to marry his leading lady, Natasha Dalal on January 24 (6) to get his daily dose of fortune cookies! On the other hand, she is born on May 8. As per numerology, number 6 is supremely lucky for 8s! This implies that Varun is the one for her, and shall bring home heaps of luck and endless love! 

Heer-Raanjhanaa [Sonam-Anand] 

How much more can a husband love his wife (read life), that he adapted to her initial, breaking all the stereotypes. He’s got to be head over heels! That’s Anand S Ahuja for you, husband of Sonam K Ahuja.  Well, lot’s in a name! We suggested the bubbly Veere, Sonam, post her marriage, to add K to her name so as to sum it up on a more favourable number. It seems to be working really well for the power couple. 

Born on June 9, Sonam’s lucky numbers are the family of 3, 5, 6 & 9. We had predicted her wedding too, in her 33rd (6, Venus, Love), and not only was she in her 33rd, hubby, a No 3, Anand was also in his 33rd year when they took their vows. Wow, anand hi anand!