PeepingMoon 2019: Janhvi Kapoor's smoke show, Priyanka Chopra Jonas' metallic charm and Kareena Kapoor's nude glam - BEAUTY trends you need to bookmark


2019 gave us a lot of beauty inspiration and new trends to follow. From some stellar glam gimmicks making a comeback to newer trends making it big amongst our favorite celebs from B-town, we've seen it all!

We saw graphic liners replacing cat-eyes, contemporary braids and anti-gravity buns taking over the mane and edgy hairdos breaking the classic rules of beauty, all while the monochrome makeup and beach waves held their ground in the industry. 

Missed the charts? We got you covered! Read on to see all the beauty trends of this year: 

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Welcome Back, Poky Straight Hair! 

Poky straight mane made a chic comeback this year. This trend was long forgotten after beach waves hit the highest pedestal with our favorite celebs.

Breaking monotony, a lot of our fav divas opted for this looks this year. Well, looks like it's here to stay now! 

Metallic Eyes

Dewy, glossy, metallic eyes made big noise this year. With a lot of leading ladies opting for statement eyes, we saw a lot of metallic colors paving the way for a trend. 

Browns, goldens, coppers and silvers were amongst the most used hues while giving a rather fresh appeal to the look. We dig this, what about you? 

Tousled Mane, All The Way! 

Make way for the element of grunge this season! With edginess taking the charge this party season, tousled, wild curls and scrunched waves are going to be the 'IT' thing!

Edgy, wild and absolutely grungy, this look is equal parts chic & playful, that adds to the x-factor of the look. Can we take a minute? So gorgg! 

Bare-Minimum, Everything! 

Minimalism was the hottest trend this year and rightly so, our favorite leading ladies have included it in their beauty routines too!

Radiant skin, bare-minimum makeup, the dewy glow and lip tints shaped for a fresh and zingy look this year. With most of the divas opting for the 'dare to bare' look, we really think this one is here to stay! What are your thoughts? 

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Braids and Buns, Baby! 

Ditching the typical, contemporary braids and anti-gravity buns made for a statement look this year! 

Breaking the monotony, roughly knotted braids, pulled back knots and top-buns were a major hit with our favorite celebs and we have proof! Playful, yet elegant! 

The Good Ol' Kohl! 

Some trends are utter classics and kohl eyes are one of them! Making every look bullet-proof, kohl eyes were the go-to statement with their outfits for a lot of leading ladies.

Rocking both ways, our favorite divas wore it with both, traditional and western #OOTD's alike. Like we said, bullet-proof and classic! 

Pulled-Back Edginess

This look scored brownie points with most of out B-town beauts this year! It shaped so many statements looks this year that we are convinced it's the next bog-thing! 

Pulled back hair, grunge scrunched waves or the good ol' poky straight mane and sometimes, the element of pixie-dust, this look is an absolute winner on the charts and red-carpets alike! 

Monochrome Magic

One-color for everything! With minimalism, monochrome makeup also made it big this year. Sporting one hue for the glam, this trend defines absolute chicness while accentuating the entirety of the look. We LOVE this! 

Old Hollywood Charm

Drawing inspirations from the western, yesteryear trends, old Hollywood hairdos and side-buns made it big with the Bollywood ladies this year. Stunning red-carpet looks found their foundation with this one and oh boy, it does have its own charm. Don't you think? 

Popping Eyes!

Statement eyes were a massive trend this year. Be it popping shadows, holographic hues or groovy graphic liners, eyes were the center of attention for a lot of looks this year and we have proof! 

Where Them Beach Waves At? 

Bringing out the big-guns, beach waves were a classic go-to this year. Shaping traditional and western #OOTD's alike, this trend always got a massive nod from the critics, divas and the fans alike. Pretty, pretty! 

Side-Parted Beauts! 

Side-parted hair made it big this year. We saw a lot of tinsel-town divas skip past the center-parting and embrace the side-parted mane for their look. A new perspective is always good, don't you agree? 

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