I broke the band up, but I got them back together: Nick Jonas admits on breaking up the Jonas Brothers in 2013


Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas recently appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden following the release of their single Sucker and their reunion as the band Jonas Brothers. During the show, Nick admitted that it was his fault the Jonas Brothers broke up. During the recurring segment of Carpool Karaoke with Corden, Nick and his brothers Joe and Kevin opened up about what led to their split in 2013 and how they eventually found a way back to reunite.

During the car ride, Corden jokingly said, “Everyone knows it was Nick,” to which Nick replied, “I broke the band up, but I got them back together.” Kevin also replied in the affirmative and said, “It’s true, it was a full redemptive story.” Nick also revealed that they ironed out their differences and reunited as a pop band when they were filming their upcoming Amazon Studios documentary.

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During the show, Nick revealed and said, “Basically, about a year ago we started talking about making a documentary together. That was the start of it, just to tell our story, our childhood and into our career together. In that process we did some necessary healing, because you know when things ended it wasn’t the best. There was a magic when we were together that we would all like to feel again.”

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Nick also confessed that they played a drinking game which helped them to open up about things and wrote down questions in a bowl and had them pick out. He also divulged that the brothers spent a year “doing therapy” to get back on the same page with each other. He said, “We literally spent a year basically doing therapy, working through some things, and figuring out what this chapter would look like. We’ve had to be really open and honest. There are things in the past that bothered us from time to time, even in our performances that we would do.”

He further added, “It was amazing after the first couple of songs. I was so paranoid those first few two or three songs they would be mad at me after this, that I was not able to enjoy it. Then at a certain point, I looked at them and thought, ‘This is amazing. I’m going to have the best time ever.’ And we did. A great show.”

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The Jonas Brothers broke up on in 2013 and came back with a new single Sucker almost after six years. The song has gone viral and is appealing to their fans and everyone alike. However, people are loving the video which showcases the Jonas Brothers partners-Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas.

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