EXCLUSIVE- Happy to design everything but just want to focus on womenswear: Fashion designer Masaba Gupta


From a 'GenNext' to Bollywood’s most sought-out designer Masaba Gupta is a force to reckon with. Her label, House Of Masaba, has been revolutionizing mainstream fashion and bringing about a refreshing change in the Indian fashion scene by crushing the straitjacketed notions of style and fashion.

Ahead of her House of Masaba x Boat collection at the ongoing FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week 2021, the fashion doyenne had an exclusive chat with PeepingMoon.com. The fashion designer opened up on her design inspirations, pulling off a digital fashion show amidst pandemic and insights on the latest season of Masaba Masaba!


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Excerpts from the interview:

Q. What served as an inspiration behind this collection? 


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I don’t believe the word inspiration is just for one collection. I feel that someone can be constantly be inspired. But I think the one thing I am inspired by is the reality, the idea, the good times that we all had.  So I always use my box of inspiration for a new collection. It is what I call Masaba Land because I believe that we are no longer about one inspiration or one idea, we are about multiple ideas and we are about multiple things so I think that’s what the collection is. Masaba Land is not confined, it's limitless.

Over the years you have designed everything under the sun: from headphones to sneakers, cosmetics and apparel. Is there anything that Masaba cannot do or will not do?

Of course, there are certain things that I can do but I would say no. I am happy to design everything but I just want to focus on womenswear and yeah that’s about it. Other things will come and go, but this something that I’ve been doing.

How did you and the team manage to pull off the collection amidst the norms of social distancing?

You have no idea! I mean I think it was the hardest collection as everyone was scattered and not on the same level of energy and that makes it a bit difficult. More than that it was hard to get things done. So many vendors were shut down, so many vendors were not able to give us things on time. I think this is the longest collection we’ve done. So, I really believe that we should slow things down, but maybe for the better

Do you think the global pandemic will change the look of fashion fests and red carpet events now?

No, I think it’s a temporary adjustment and I don’t know how long will it last but I think people in a couple of months, years, however long it will be, whenever it happens will go back to what was old, what we did because I really think people like routine, they like to remember things that were earlier.

After luxe and super comfy trackees, what next new drop can we expect from the House of Masaba?


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Well, I have one collection coming out that has lots of shirt dresses, you have wrap-around dresses, you have kaftans. I think you can expect lot of comfort- driven clothing from the next launch of House of Masaba.

Masaba Masaba S2 is on its way and we are pretty excited. What new would we get to see from fashion designer Masaba Gupta’s life? Is there going to be a season 3?

I would say, a little bit more of a peek into my past mainly explaining why I react the way I react. There will hopefully be a season 3 but pehle season 2 toh aane do!

If you had to trade your life with Reel life Masaba Gupta for a day, what would you do?


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I would tell real-life Masaba to chill out, not stress about her job and that everything is fine!