Constantly changing your workout routine keeps the body guessing and I like to surprise my muscles: Sunny Singh


One of the most jacked actors in B-town, Sunny Singh surely knows how to keep his body in top form and always finds time for the gym. He knows what it takes to get his body into peak form: Pull-ups, handstands, and much more. 

The actor takes his training seriously and has committed himself to stay in shape and promoting fitness. Talking about his workout regime and favourite from of workout he said, “I’ll put on some music and workout for 2-3 hours in a day. I believe in a hardcore workout using my body weight. I keep switching things a little bit as constantly changing your workout routine keeps the body guessing and I like to surprise my muscles. My favourite part of the workout would be performing Handstand. I really like doing it and with time I am getting better and better on it. I also love doing pull-ups as I feel it pumps up the entire body. From the traditional form of workout - I enjoy Dand Baithak, again it’s a complete body workout - helps in strengthening your back, legs, arms, shoulders everything.”


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Sunny’s training keeps things classic and his perfect physique is owing to his determination and hard work. The actor employs an old-school routine of traditional moves and has one of the most dominant musculatures. His incredible build is a huge part of his persona. 

Impressing us with his on-screen appeal, Sunny was last seen in the song Holi Mein Rangeele that made huge waves amongst the audience.