PeepingMoon Exclusive Video: Sunny Singh suggests learning new skills and hobbies amid pandemic for mental well-being, urges fans to stay healthy and safe


The lockdown announced by the Government to curb the spread of the novel COVID-19 brought the nation to a standstill. Celebrities, who were busy with hectic shoot schedules got time to spend with their families. However, with no social interaction for months together, the assurance that we all are together in tough times was highly needed. Reminding his fellow mates and fans to keep their spirits high, Sunny Singh shared his way of dealing with the tough times. 

Sunny, in an exclusive video for, spoke about how to stay positive in the testing times and shed light on how he is keeping himself occupied when shoots of films are yet to resume. Suggesting ideas like developing new hobbies, acquiring new skills and many more, Sunny showed his fans a way to drive away 'lockdown' blues.