It's been tough, nobody tells you how hard it is: Sonam Kapoor Ahuja sheds light on her pregnancy journey


Actress, fashionista and style icon Sonam Kapoor Ahuja has always nailed all the roles, both on and off the camera. Now, embarking on the journery of motherhood, Sonam joins the league of all the yummy mummies and to-be-mums we look up to for style inspiration.  

Ever since she announced her pregnancy with her out-of-the-box intimate photoshoot, we have been waiting in anticipation on the actor’s take on maternity style and of course, motherhood. The stunner recently had a candid conversation with Vogue India where she spoke about her pregnancy journey, fashion and more.

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Sonam looked back on the time when she entered the industry when the fad of ‘size zero’ was at its peak and made a debut alongside Deepika Padukone who hailed from the modelling world. “I was a big girl at 5'10,” she said. However, it was her genius directors like Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra who instilled confidence in her and didn’t pressure her to look a certain way. Not letting the weights and numbers come in her way, she rode in her own lane. “I realised that it was much better to be confident and body positive, as opposed to eating celery sticks,” she continued.

For those who follow this diva diligently would be aware of her love for all things fashion. Not shying away from big or small labels and experimental looks, the diva has carved a niche of being comfortable and importantly, being herself at a red carpet event or any given occasion. I love fashion. I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. I like to look for things that make me feel more like myself, I'm an actor and a Gemini, I like to be a different person every day," said the actress.

Speaking of wellness and her eating habits, Sonam revealed that she has always focused on wholesome meals instead of crash diets. I'm not trying to be on some high protein diet to get to fifteen percent body fat. Crash dieting is just not sustainable," she said. As far as the work out goes, the actress resorts to a mix of yoga and weight training to keep herself fit.

Coming to her pregnancy journey, the actress revealed that first three months were initially hard for her. “It's been tough—nobody tells you how hard it is. Everybody tells you how wonderful it is,” she confessed. However, not being fazed by the tough roads, Sonam continues to embark this new journey one day at a time. “If you want to carry another life within you, you have to respect your own. The reason we're all here is to change and become better versions of ourselves. So that evolution is something I look forward to,” she concluded.

(Source- Vogue India)