Mira Rajput Kapoor to shed light on 'beauty, skincare and all things that matter' with her newly launched YouTube channel


Apart from her sartorial sensibilities, Mira Rajput Kapoor, wife of actor Shahid Kapoor, is known for her flawless beauty and holistic skincare regime. However, there are so many questions that still remain a puzzle about this beaut.

In an effort to put her real self out there, the social media star is expanding her reach and has announced the launch of her YouTube channel. Yay!

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Making an official announcement, Mira shared an Instagram reel dropping a link to her YouTube channel. She also gave a brief introduction about herself while talking about the things that she loves- writing, things that she hates –packing! Mira also dropped some important questions that people often asked us such as did she always plan to have two kids before 25? What’s the latest Bollywood goss? “Very few know the real me because I haven’t put my whole self out there. Maybe bits and pieces that you have seen on Instagram and well-behaved interviews, some of which I wish I never gave,” She said in her introduction.

While everybody knows Mira is obsessed with Ayurveda skincare, there’s a lot we are yet to find out. “I love gluten, in moderation. Quinoa makes me break out. Ayurveda is a lifestyle and skincare isn’t just skin deep,” she said dropping hints as to what one can find on her channel. Not just beauty buffs, seems like Mira’s YouTube channel has something in store for all the mums too as she might shell a tip or two about motherhood. “I know I am not a perfect mom. Moms have fails, moms have burnouts, we all do and yet a really bad day can become a good one if you can just take that one hour to work out and get that time,” she continued.

Concluding her 2-minute long video, Mira said that this is the place where she gets to be herself, in her own words, through her own eyes. “Yes, we are going to talk about skincare, makeup, haircare. Yes, we are going to laugh about Schitt’s Creek and figure out whether LED masks are worth it. But we are also going to talk about what matters- Culture, tradition, who we are, how we feel. So let’s keep it real…because you and I are just getting started,” she concluded.

(Source- YouTube)