You inspire me: Remo D’Souza lauds wife Lizelle D’Souza as she drops from 105 to 60 shedding over 40 kilos in 2 years

Ace choreographer and filmmaker Remo D’Souza lauded his wife Lizelle D’souza’s efforts in her ongoing fitness journey by sharing her massive transformation pictures on his Instagram handle. Remo penned down an emotional yet inspiring note for his wife for shedding 40 kilos over two years with hard work and determination.

Calling her his inspiration, Remo captioned the post. “it takes a lot of hard work to get there, but the biggest battle is with yourself and I have to see @lizelleremodsouza fighting that battle and achieving what was impossible I always use to say it’s your MIND, you have to make strong and Liz you DiD it so proud of you, you are stronger than me, you inspire me :) love you


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In an interview with a leading daily, Lizelle opened up on her weight loss journey and mentioned that she dropped down from 105 to 56 kgs in the span of two years. “I decided in December 2018 that I have to lose weight. I messaged my trainer Prashant and in January 2019, I started with intermittent fasting. Since I was traveling to London for the shoot of Street Dancer, I was dieting on the go and went off carbs too. I followed that for 15 hours and pushed it to 16 hours. In the first year, I lost around 15-20 kilos. And then during the lockdown, I pushed my intermittent fasting to 18-20 hours and would a single meal a day,” she said.

As there is always room for trial and error when it comes to dieting, Lizelle had her fair share of those too. After her husband fell ill, she went off Keto and switched to a liquid diet which didn’t benefit her. “You cannot diet for three months and then leave, even though I had made the same mistakes, I know how to handle it now. And I think Keto works the best. It is high fat but my intake is through Greek yoghurt, avocado and I drastically lost 8-9 kilos. Altogether I managed to go from 105 to 65 kilos,” said Lizelle.

What about her cheat days? Well, the star wife enjoys her chats and Sindhi Kadis more than burgers and pizzas. “As for my cheat days, everyone is scared about it because they are like a feast for me. I don’t binge on pizzas and burgers but I am more for chaat, paani-puri and sindhi kadhi. I also do a Keto cheat wherein I call for a Keto ice-cream or a Keto pizza.”

(Source- Times of India)