I want to see my children settled: Binita Jain, first crorepati of KBC 10


Amitabh Bachchan's popular game show Kaun Banega Crorepati 10 got its first crorepati of the season in Binita Jain. Hailing from Guwahati, Assam Binita took home Rs 1 crore as the winning prize. The question which made Binita a crorepati was, “In India, which case was heard by the largest ever Constitution bench of 13 judges?” Despite knowing the answer, she could not muster the courage to say it as she was afraid of losing a huge amount of money which she had won until then. After giving it a deep thought, Binita finally answered the question and won not only Rs 1 crore but also a car!

“I have been teaching Political Science for years but I never went deep into the Indian constitution history. But two weeks ago, I went through all the cases and while doing that I came across that there was a case which was heard by the largest ever Constitution bench of 13 SC judges. As soon as the question came, it just hit my mind. I knew the answer for Rs 1 crore question very nicely. If it wouldn’t have been a crore worthy answer; it was on my fingertip. The money amount made me re-think actually. It made me question my own confidence. When Amitabh Bachchan announced that I was right; I was over the moon with happiness,” Binita said in a statement.

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The sixteenth question, “Who invented the first stock ticker in 1867?” which was worth Rs 7 crore, troubled the confident Binita and she decided to quit the game and take home Rs 1 crore. Binita doesn't regret her decision and shared, “When the last question was put up, I had no idea about it. And obviously, I did not want to lose Rs 1 crore and so I decided to quit the show. But yes, I guessed it right.”

During the episode, Binita narrated her heart-wrenching life story. In 2003, her husband was held captive by militants while he was on a business trip to a neighboring state. He never returned and Binita had to start her life again. Talking about the incident, Binita said, “Definitely, I have moved on in my life considering different aspects of my life. But every day his absence is felt. That incident is still very fresh in our mind. We miss him a lot. I haven’t lost my hope yet. He might be breathing somewhere.”

When questioned about how she is planning to utilize the winning amount, Binita said that she wants to see her children settled. “My son is a dentist by profession and I want to make his life secure. I would love to open my coaching class and do some social activities with the remaining amount. But that’s only when my children settle down,” Binita concluded.

For the unversed, Binita Jain hails from Guwahati, Assam and is a tution teacher. In February 2003, after 12 years of marriage, her husband got abducted by terrorists. She was 32 years old then. Legally her husband has been declared dead. Binita has a 26-year-old son and 21-year-old daughter.