Avneet Kaur interview: Luv Ki Arrange Marriage star talk about the show and her belief in marriage

Avneet Kaur turns heads with her graceful appearance and performance. The actress is letting her work speak and the recent example is her latest film Luv Ki Arrange Marriage. Ishrat R. Khan's directorial is an intriguing family drama with a twist of a love story. The Zee5 film explores various dynamics of an Indian family including love and marriage. The film stars Avneet Kaur and Sunny Singh in the lead roles as Ishika and Luv respectively.

In an exclusive interview with Peeping Moon, Avneet Kaur opened up about her real-life character, believing in the institute of marriage and arranged marriage. On asking Love Ki Arrange Marriage presents her in a bubbly manner and if she resonates with her character, she replied, “Yes, I think I do resonate with it. I myself am very, I like to be happy. I like to make people happy. I'm very bubbly very chirpy and very goofy around people. So yeah, I think I do sort of relate to it.”

The actress further claims to be a believer in the institute of marriage. She said, “I feel like when you get that sort of person in your life you can completely surrender your emotions and yourself too. And you can be happy with them and you think that they understand you so much. Then why not? You should get married to that person and have life with them.”

Avneet later shared her thoughts on arranged marriage saying, “It is something that a person can do because I have seen examples in front of me. My mom and dad have been in an arranged marriage. But that sort of turned into love. I've been in love over the years. Now that I look at them, they are like friends completely. And I feel like they have been in love for so many years. So that is a beautiful thing itself.

Luv Ki Arrange Marriage is a laughter riot starring Avneet Kaur, Sunny Singh, Annu Kapoor, Supriya Pathak, and Rajpal Yadav in the lead roles. The romantic family drama is streaming on Zee 5 from 14th June.