PeepingMoon Exclusive: ‘Amit Kumar did not like the episode because it was on his father Kishore Kumar’s songs,’ says Kumar Sanu on Indian Idol controversy


Kumar Sanu is one of the most well-known and popular playback singers of Bollywood. The singer’s soulful and melodious voice has often been compared to legendary singer Kishore Kumar. Now, in an exclusive interview with, Sanu spoke about the recent controversy between Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar and singing reality show Indian Idol 12.

Speaking about the show’s environment and atmosphere, Sanu said, “I have always liked Indian Idol’s atmosphere, there is a melodious and musical ambience on the sets in which music is given utmost importance. They present music and songs also in a very lovely manner. I am a singer so anywhere where there is music, I would feel nice. The singers of Indian Idol are very capable and talented and I always like listening to them. It feels extremely gratifying that they give us so much of respect and ask us to visit the sets.”

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Kumar Sanu 

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When asked about Amit’s claims that he did not like the show and the singers when he was asked to the sets, Sanu said, “First and foremost, Amit Kumar is Kishore Kumar’s son whom I have followed all my life and have loved his songs always. Amit is the legendary singer’s son and a very good friend of mine; I respect him immensely as he has been singing probably earlier than me. Whatever it is, we have immense love for each other through singing as well as being a senior to me. I feel whatever he said it was his personal viewpoint as nothing like this happened when I was on the show. Maybe, he did not like the singing when he was on the show. In our episode, there was nothing scripted as such. I feel, Amit ji did not like the singing as the contestants were singing his father’s songs. With time we’ve received love, affection and fame but even today we are not perfect singers, we also commit mistakes. Those young contestants also must have faltered somewhere and maybe he (Amit) did not like that.”

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Amit Kumar on Indian Idol 12

He further added and said, “Since Kishore Da’s way of singing is on a totally different level it is extremely difficult to sing like him. Understanding and singing like Kishore Kumar can be done only by an expert singer, but nothing can be 100%. Anyone who can score 80, 70 or 60% is more than enough. We can’t even hold a candle to his name but the fact is that the kids tried their best as they respect him and for that I feel it is highly commendable and applaud them. I don’t know what happened in Amit ji’s episode so I can’t comment on it. However, if something like this happened then it is indeed shameful but I feel every episode is different. We are informed which contestant is singing what song and then asked to comment- whether good or bad accordingly over it, as per our choice. I always do this and the makers also expect the same. I don’t know maybe something else happened on the show due to which Amit ji was unhappy. Since I respect him, I can’t oppose him but at the same time I can’t agree with him outright either as I am sure the contestants tried their best to do justice and give tribute to Kishore da’s songs.”

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Talking about commercialization of reality shows, Sanu said, “I do feel that reality shows have become extremely commercialized nowadays. It is necessary also as they are made with keeping commercial aspect in mind. The contestants sing well and the judges are also good so I don’t think there is any need for any hue-and-cry.”