Exclusive: Kareena Kapoor Khan's ex-manager Poonam Damania joins Madhu Mantena


Bollywood star manager Poonam Damania, who made news herself by leaving Reshma Shetty’s celebrity management company Matrix, is reportedly joining film producer Madhu Mantena in a JV but without any of her famous clients. Kareena Kapoor Khan, whose manager and close friend Poonam was for over a decade, is among those who have preferred to stay back with Matrix.

Bollywood’s stars are savvy. They know it is Reshma who has been getting them the lucrative and prestigious brand endorsements and not Poonam. And so when the time came to choose, they wisely decided to stay back with Matrix than to go with Poonam. It is said that Poonam will be starting celebrity management on a virtually clean slate. She has no clients.

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Poonam reportedly exited Matrix in July because she had differences with the talent agency. While Bollywood was under the impression that Poonam, who managed an impressive number of Bollywood A-listers, might take them along with her and start her own company, she has reportedly chosen to associate herself with Madhu Mantena who co-founded the talent management company KWAN with Anirban Das Blah. 

All that is fine, but some insiders are sniggering that Poonam’s exit as Kareena’s manager might put a strain on the actress’ social media presence. It used to happen through Poonam who treated Kareena’s fans to candid and gorgeous pictures of the actress at home and outside on her own account. Kareena is strictly not on social media herself. Now that they have parted ways professionally, will Poonam’s personal equation with Kareena also be affected?

(Source: PeepingMoon)