Janhvi Kapoor reveals intense preparation and injuries for Mr and Mrs Mahi: Both my shoulders were dislocated

Janhvi Kapoor, while addressing the press during the launch of the song 'Dekha Tenu' from her upcoming film 'Mr and Mrs Mahi,' shared the challenges she faced while preparing for her role. The actress revealed that she had dislocated both her shoulders during cricket practice for the film.

At the event, Janhvi spoke about the extensive effort she put into perfecting cricket for her role. “There was a lot of hard work that went behind the film. I have prepared for almost 2 years. I was probably shooting ‘Mili’ or ‘Good Luck Jerry’ when I started taking cricket lessons. Our director is a purist – he wanted me to become a cricketer. He did not want any cheating, that we would cover up using VFX or there would be half-hearted effort,” she explained.

Detailing her struggles, Janhvi added, “I have suffered quite a few injuries too. Both my shoulders were dislocated. But credit to our director and my coaches Abhishek Nayyar and Vikrant, who have worked so hard. I used to feel like giving up, my body used to give up, but I was motivated by them. Whenever I saw Sharan Sharma’s vision and passion, I used to feel angry and frustrated, but we have reached here after all.”

The dedication and resilience demonstrated by Janhvi Kapoor underscore the intense preparation behind 'Mr and Mrs Mahi.' Fans eagerly await the film's release, anticipating a compelling performance encouraged by her commitment to authenticity and hard work.