Taapsee Pannu has married in India, staying true to her roots and unlike many celebrities who fly outside the country, informs source

Taapsee Pannu chose to have an intimate wedding with her longtime beau, Mathias Boe, in March. The actress tied the knot in the presence of family members and close friends. Known to keep her personal life away from the media's attention, Taapsee picked Rajasthan for the wedding and celebrated her special day with her loved ones. 

Now, months after the wedding, a source close to Taapsee shared, "Taapsee Pannu has married in India, staying true to her roots and unlike many celebrities who fly outside the country. Despite Taapsee's husband being based outside India, she has prioritised getting married in her homeland."

While talking about the measures taken by the actress to make sure no pictures and videos were leaked from the wedding, the source further added, "Taapsee Pannu spared no effort in safeguarding the secrecy of her wedding, resulting into the quietest wedding Bollywood has ever seen. From appointing her sister as the wedding organizer to enlisting close relatives as her stylist, designer and more, every detail was meticulously planned to prevent any leaks. With a strict no-phone policy and exclusive invitations extended only to close relatives, she ensured utmost privacy. Any online picture uploads were strictly controlled, ensuring the success of her mission to keep the celebration under wraps."

In an interview with HT City, Taapsee said, "I just am not very sure if I want to let my personal life and the people involved in it, to go through the kind of scrutiny that happens when a public figure gets married. It’s me who has signed up for this, not my partner, not the people who were involved in the wedding. I am not sure about how I feel about it being out there, that’s why I’ve kept it to myself."

She then shared, "The people who are genuinely close to me, were a part of the celebration and always knew about my relationship and my intentions about when and how I want to get married." The actress also mentioned that her "intention was never to keep it (the wedding) a secret."