Farah Khan says ‘inter- personal relations have been ruined’ in industry

Filmmaker and choreographer Farah Khan recently talked about the ongoing debate about the extensive expenditure by producers on the films and shared some instances on the same.

She also spoke how she requires to contact a chain of people to reach out to the actor whereas earliest she could just directly call.


Farah said, "The good change is that the industry is far more organised today, people come on time, there is a studio system in place, so all the contracts are proper, kisi ke paise koi khaa nahi sakta hai. The bad change is that, earlier, the industry would function on relationships. So, if I wanted something, I would directly call the actor. “

She further added,  “Now, I will have to meet the manager's sub manager, then the manager will meet, after that the agency will meet! It has all become very clinical. The inter- personal relations have been ruined because of this."

Earlier Kriti Sanon also talked about the same in her recent interviews.