Maheep Kapoor says Sanjay Kapoor has been protective over Shanaya Kapoor: He is a little calmer now

Maheep Kapoor recently talked about the alleged extra marital affair of her husband Sanjay Kapoor and how it has impacted on the actor being more protective towards the dating life of daughter Shanaya Kapoor who is set to make her Bollywood debut soon.

In an interview, Maheep said,  " I
feel people just don't want to step out of the box and look at that person and try to stand in
his shoes and understand. Give everybody a break, everyone is not perfect, everyone is
going to **** up. It's fine."

She further added, “ Ithink he has dated so many women, so he has realized that all that kameena sh*t that he did... he gets paranoid with his daughter. It's the truth. He would go mental about Shanaya, my son... he was likefine, he is okay but with Shanaya, I had to tell him to calm down. Then I realised he wasthinking what if some boy did what he did? He is a stricter one but now he is a little calmer with Shanaya."

Source: Zoom