Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde visits Salman Khan's Galaxy Apartments after shooting incident, says 'The government is with you'

Eknath Shinde, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, paid a visit to Salman Khan and his family after the shocking shooting incident outside his residence, Galaxy Apartments in Bandra, on Sunday. The CM interacted with the superstar and his father, Salim Khan, offering them support and extra security. 

In an official statement to the media, Mr Shinde said, "The government is with you, I have told Salman Khan. Both the accused have been arrested. They will be interrogated. We will get to the root of the case. Nobody will be spared. Nobody should targeted this way." The Mumbai police has beefed up Salman's security following the incident.


The Mumbai police nabbed the accused in Gujarat today. The accused are identified as Vikas (Vicky Gupta) and Sagar Pal. During the interrogation, they confessed to having fired bullets outside Salman's residence. A Mumbai court has sent them to a 10-day custody. 

Arbaaz Khan issued an official statement on behalf of the Khans. It read, "The recent incident of firing by two unidentified persons on a motorcycle at Galaxy apartment the residence of the Salim Khan family is very disturbing and unnerving. Our family has been taken aback by this shocking incident that took place. Unfortunately, some people claiming to be close to our family and pretending to be the spokesperson have been making loose statements to the media saying it's all a publicity stunt and the family remains unaffected which is not true and these views should not be taken seriously. No member of the Salim Khan family has made any statement regarding this incident to the media. At this time the family is helping and cooperating with the police in the investigation of this untoward incident. We have faith in the Mumbai police and we have been assured they will do everything in their capacity to protect and secure our family. Thank you everyone for your love."