Rani Mukerji Opens Up About Struggle to Expand Family: 'Traumatic' Seven-Year Journey to Give Daughter Adira a Sibling

Celebrating her 46th birthday last Thursday, Rani Mukerji opened up in an interview with Galatta India, expressing the profound emotional impact of her miscarriage from a few years ago. Mukerji shared her deep anguish over the inability to provide a sibling for her eight-year-old daughter, Adira, describing the experience as 'traumatic'.

Rani revealed, "I spent seven years trying for my second child. When my daughter turned eight, I immediately began attempting to conceive again. Despite persistent efforts, I faced a miscarriage, which was undeniably a challenging period for me." She recently disclosed her miscarriage experience during the pandemic, just before being offered her latest film, "Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway," which focuses on motherhood and enjoyed success in theaters last year.

Rani cited her age as a significant factor contributing to her miscarriage but shared her ongoing process of coping with the loss. "At my age, having another baby is not feasible, which is distressing as I cannot provide a sibling for my daughter. This reality pains me deeply. However, I acknowledge that I must cherish what I have. Adira is my miracle child, and I am immensely grateful for her. Witnessing the struggles of parents longing for even one child reinforces my gratitude. Embracing this perspective requires considerable strength, but I am committed to it. I remind myself that Adira is more than enough."

Rani Mukerji and her filmmaker spouse Aditya Chopra welcomed their daughter, Adira, into the world on December 9, 2015. They have purposefully shielded her face from paparazzi and social media attention. Regarding her professional endeavors, Rani is currently in the process of penning a memoir, where she intends to delve into her relationship with Aditya Chopra extensively.