Manoj Bajpayee shares his disapproval of ‘box office obsession’: Let people putting money count the footfall

Manoj Bajpayee who was last seen in an action thriller Joram, is undoubtedly one of the finest actors in the film industry. In a recent interview, the actor was asked about one thing he would want to change in the industry replying to which he said, ‘box office obsession.’ He further highlighted the need to focus on content. 

He said, “It's really enough. We are not doing good to the industry. Let people who are putting in the money, count the footfall. You just do your job. Let's talk about the content. Let's talk about what you have seen. Let's talk about the performances, the direction, story. Let's demand good story from filmmakers.”  

The actor would be next seen in Killer Soup alongside Konkona Sen Sharma which is set to stream from January 11 on Netflix.

Source: Zee News