Raha Kapoor first pictures: When 'bua' Kareena Kapoor Khan revealed she looks more like Ranbir Kapoor than Alia Bhatt!

Raha Kapoor finally made her much-awaited 'debut' at the Kapoor family's annual Christmas lunch. She was clicked for the first time with her parents, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, outside Kunal Kapoor's residence in Mumbai. After keeping her pictures guarded from the media's attention, the couple allowed the paparazzi to take her pictures and videos. Until now, fans who were waiting for her first glimpse, got some relief when Kareena Kapoor Khan revealed some details about her.

On Koffee With Karan 8, Kareena shared that Raha looks more like Ranbir than Alia. The doting mom reacted, "Bebo (Kareena) has been saying this. She’s the only person saying this." Karan added, "This is a Kapoor trait. They want all their babies to look like them." Kareena then said, "She looks like how Ranbir looked when he was a baby." Alia shared, "Raha is a balance of us. A lot of the time, she looks like Ranbir’s father (Rishi Kapoor)."


With Raha's pictures finally out in the media, according to you, who does she look like?