IMPPA writes a letter to Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray and BMC Commissioner for setting up vaccination centers for its members and their family members


IMPPA writes to Maharashtra Chief Minister and BMC Commissioner for setting up centre for vaccination of its member producers and simultaneously offers financial relief to all members. The Entertainment Industry is always in the news because of top few Star personalities or for the 50,000 daily wage workers for whom these stars, big producers & channels are always making available economic relief packages as done by them during the lockdown in 2020 and we are proud they have come forward once again to provide relief and succor to the vulnerable members to mitigate the sufferings faced by them due to lockdown. Most of them are IMPPA members and we are really proud of them.

Unfortunately the underbelly of the film industry which is the backbone of Entertainment Industry which consists of the producers who are the ones paying for the entire show and work going on for which they beg and borrow to complete their film and in more than 90% cases the producer loses his entire investment and everyone forgets about his existence and he has to somehow survive the day to day vigorous of life. The lockdown last year was a very big blow for all our producer members and they were having hardships in surviving in view of which IMPPA through its IMPPA Welfare Trust provided emergency financial relief to all members directly in their bank accounts on 3 occasions May, June & July 2020 and now the situation after Lockdown 2 has become more serious due to all opportunities of work and income being closed and the virus spreading at alarming rate.

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A statement released by IMPPA president TP Aggarwal reads, "In view of the above circumstances and in view of the difficulties faced by our 6,000 members, IMPPA has decided to write letter to Chief Minister of Maharashtra and BMC Commissioner to request them to kindly organize a vaccination camp exclusively for our members at our cost and we will be very obliged to the Government and the BMC if they accede to our request and set up a camp for vaccination of our members.

In view of the financial hardships being faced by our members IMPPA has once again decided in its meeting dated 9-5-2021 to provide financial relief directly in their bank account immediately after receiving their application for relief provided by IMPPA. The amount would be Rs. 3000 that will be deposited in the accounts of its members. We request the Government and BMC to kindly allot a special vaccination camp for our members for which we will be highly obliged and we assure all our members that we always are with them in both good days and bad days and they can rely on us. We are sure that together we can and we will get rid of the corona which has been haunting this country for 2 years."