Watch: Rohit Saraf breaks into an impromptu dance with bride on the run Akasa in their peppy single 'Shola'


National crush Rohit Saraf and singer-songwriter Akasa released their first music video together Shola today. Shola is a collaboration between pop queen Akasa and composer-lyricist Charan. Watch Rohit Saraf and AKASA set the screen on fire in this infectiously happy music video.

In the 2 minutes 18 second song, Rohit breaks into an impromptu dance with the bride on the run Akasa as she tries to hide from her family in a mela. The song is an upbeat, peppy number that will make everyone hit the dance floor. It is a catchy party number that shows effortless chemistry between Rohit and Akasa.

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Prepare to be hooked to this party hit that will have you shakin’ and swaying bann-than ke, sajj-dhaj ke, and rajj-rajj ke - Kyunki kudi tu shola shola shola laage !

Watch the song here:

(Source: YouTube)